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This is for everyone, here’s a strategy that is designed to result in a major breakthrough, bringing back the hope that better days are still ahead; if you only believe and act now.

We have an awesome product and strategy that is to be shared with friends and families. Once everyone is on board, they will begin to reap financial benefits known as residual income.

This new concept is a little different.

Instead of paying into a product then struggling to build your network to see results, we have established a reverse strategy.  It is simple and accessible to anyone and WILL WORK!


All Prospects are asked to join our WHATSAPPS group for FREE and then invite others to do the same.  This is a cellphone app. and once you sign up send me your name and Whatsapps phone number you will be entered into a special group called LETS DO IT.

Stay connected for updates and information. 

The goal is to fill a 4X6 Matrix or a Business Structure of a couple of hundred people (ages 18 and older) called FourCorners Alliance Group. They will be placed under active members filling all available spots under them. Once those prospects are in they now will have their spots filled under them getting them paid right away. This is done by the Lets Do It coordinators so these are the do it for you people, so all you have to worry about is bringing in the prospects and spending your earnings.

Each prospect will be asked to contribute a onetime $25.00 (this signs you up for FourCorners Alliance Group & also includes processing fees). You will be notified when the payment should be made and how and where to send your payment. All other expenses will be from your earnings to create a continual residual income. The beauty of this and you can learn more about this, is that you get a 100% matching bonus of everyone that is assigned to you. So if they make $1000 you get  $1000 on top of your income.

Everyone will be entered into Fourcorners based on the time their payments are received. So the sooner you submit your payment the quicker you secure

your spot in the matrix. This concept is to build a network over a few weeks and then enter the market to see instant results. This should happen very quickly because those who are already in FourCorners will be inviting people also.  It will thus be continued as more people are introduced to the group on an ongoing basis.

So folks now are the times to invite everyone you come into contact with.

Let’s do it!

Robert Maxwell: Contact me for further instructions: Phone: 603-864-9598 Email: romax1948@comcast.net


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