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Dad Of 6 Daughters Celebrates Birthday, Watch Their Reaction As He Blows Out The Candles!

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Children are God’s greatest gifts. From the time they are born to the time they grow and become mature adults busy with their own lives, each moment becomes a beautiful memory etched in the minds of their parents. Of course, there might be some chaos and the accidental mishaps occasionally but ultimately all of it is worthwhile. Throughout the years, birthdays are among the most celebrated of family events, especially the birthdays of your precious little ones.  It’s all about the birthday cakes, party hats, and the birthday gifts. Here is the story of how a normal birthday celebration turned out to be a hilarious story this family will be telling for years from now.

Its Daddy’s Birthday!

Now, this story comes with a small twist. The family was celebrating their dad’s birthday. To tell you a little about their family, there was the dad, mom, and their six adorable little girls. What’s quite interesting about this family is that after the first girl, the parents were blessed with quintuplets! Yes! 5 healthy baby girls all born on the same day. Anyways, coming back to the story, it was a typical birthday with just the family. There was a birthday cake with candles. Dad at the center with his daughters around him.

So just like any other birthday celebration the six girls and his excited wife started out singing happy birthday to him. The girls were excited and happily watching their dad and of course, the cake. As is customary, he blew out the candles as soon as they finished singing for him, he blew out all the candles on the cake with a single puff. In what followed, it seems that one of his little girls did not like that daddy blew out the candles. Atl east that’s what we can deduce by the way she started crying as soon as he blew out the candles. No sooner did she start crying, her sister sitting right next to her scrunched up her face and started crying as well. This caught on and ended with all the quintuplets wailing at once. Needless to say, it was both amusing and adorable. This was all captured on camera which thankfully, mom had on the whole time.

The girls had a totally unexpected hysterical reaction to dad blowing out candles! Who would have thought that dad’s first birthday with all of his children at home would turn out to be of such epic proportions?

Interestingly, the family did not stop there. They were curious to find out how the kids would react a second time. So the same time next year, they recorded a video of the six children and their dad around a birthday cake lit with candles. The quintuplets are a year older, more mischievous, and definitely naughtier.

So with the camera running, once again the girls and their mother sang for dad, and dad blew out the candles. You would think that a year later, reactions might have changed up a bit. But no. The girls were upset as soon as the flame went off and started off crying. This time though, the girls were bigger and more eager to get a piece of the delicious birthday cake, One of them tried to climb on the table and managed to get a bit of the icing. The parents, however, predicted that if things went this way, there might not be much of the cake left. So the dad quickly stood up with plans to keep the cake away. This seemed to upset the girls even more and they ran behind their dad trying to get a hold of the cake, which much to their chagrin, they couldn’t.

The family shot another video on the same day after they were joined by the other family members. They had the same cake lit with some more candles. This time though, the dad tried another tactic. As soon as they were done singing for him, he pushed the cake towards the girls and asked them to blow out the candles, which they did. They seemed to be enjoying it. But the crying triggered once again, as dad took away the cake. Apparently, the girls really wanted their cake!

These small moments of happiness are what make life happy. Years from now, these videos will definitely bring to mind some pleasant memories from the childhood of these six unbelievably adorable children.

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