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Angry Teen Is Always Slamming The Door, Then Dad Comes Up With Brilliant Sollution

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Children are blessings from God. They’re little miracles that mark the beginning of a new era in your life. They are the treasures that most people look forward to while living life. When they’re babies, they’re without sin and pure of heart. Burt as they grow older, there are certain things we have to deal with. Temper tantrums are one of those things.

It’s even common for teenagers to throw temper tantrums. They are developing into adolescents and all the changes that they’re going through both physically and emotionally will most likely confuse them. They turn all this confusion into anger to better cope with it. And that’s what we see when they raise their voice, slam their doors, or yell out that they hate us.

Adolescence is a stage in every teenager’s life where they just want to rebel against authority and test the limits of society. The truth is, even when we get angry and shout at our kids for doing it, we were all there. We all had that stage in our lives, and we all did exactly the same things and made the exact same mistakes.

Keep in mind that the things they do and the mistakes they make while they’re going through puberty are theirs. They have to learn from their own mistakes and to do that, they have to have their own experiences. They’re obviously not going to take our word for it, so let them figure it out for themselves.

One parent had enough of his son’s ridiculous temper tantrums and decided to do something about it. He decided that lessons need to be taught and they need to be taught now. The teenager would slam his door really hard whenever he was mad at his dad. The father was fed up with this rude behavior he was getting from his son and decided to do something about it. But he didn’t stick to the more traditional methods of punishment like grounding or taking the door away completely. Instead, he decided to think outside the box and be a little more creative.

He did something so thoroughly embarrassing that the brilliance of the idea will actually make you gasp. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, it cannot be truer. The look on the son’s face after being bested by his father really tells you about who won the fight in the end.

The father grabbed his toolbox with a master plan in mind. The goal of this whole idea was to teach his son, once and for all, to never slam doors in the house again. He got out his tools and started his work on removing the door. But instead of completing the task and removing the whole door, he decided to saw it in half!

The picture was taken after the son realized what his father was up to is priceless. The half-door completely destroys the purpose of slamming doors in the first place. You slam a door to retreat into your room in isolation. That’s obviously not going to work with a top-open Dutch door. The door is still functional, the son just won’t be able to slam it or avoid his parents anymore.

The picture that could speak a thousand words was taken by his brother who captioned the shot, “When your brother gets his door cut in half as punishment for slamming his door.”

Disciplining your kids is not an easy feat in today’s day and age. This dad definitely took things to a more creative level when it comes to punishments. He deserves an award for thinking this up. There aren’t many parents who know what to do with their undisciplined kids. They usually just ground them – which, let’s be honest, doesn’t really seem to work anymore or yell at them, which also just usually goes right over their heads. This dad should definitely get points for creativity in the field of discipline and punishments.

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