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Americans Are Drinking More Bottled Water Than Soda

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americans are drinking more bottledwater than soda

Americans Are Drinking More Bottled Water Than Soda

The study that points-out this fact also notes that the bottled water options have surpassed the soda options on shelves.  It’s a shift that decades ago might have seemed unthinkable that consumers would buy a packaged version of something they could get free from a tap. It doesn’t take a genius to figure-out water is way healthier for you than soda. But wouldn’t it be awesome if it was solely-based on people choosing to be healthier? It sort of is due in-part to the sugar-scare. People want the healthier alternative to soda but the ‘marketing trick of the century’ is that consumers don’t realize they’re paying for tap water in a nicely packaged containers.Bottled-water consumption in the U.S. reached 39.3 gallons per capital last year, while carbonated soft drinks slipped to 38.5 gallons.Soda still generated more revenue last year: $39.5 billion in retail sales compared with $21.3 billion for water


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