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Wilma J. Perez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Brown University and a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification from Bolster Institute. He has been featured in several reputable personal finance publications and is a regular speaker at financial literacy events.

Our team also includes experts in various areas of finance such as Investment, Taxation, Retirement Planning, Insurance and more. Furthermore, our team of travel enthusiasts, education experts, internet gurus, and senior living specialists, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in their respective fields.

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  • William A. Farrior, Certified Financial Planner, has been awarded “Financial Advisor of the Year” by the National Association of Personal Finance Advisors.
  • Wilma J. Perez, Senior Living Specialist, has been awarded “Expert in Senior Care” by the American Association of Geriatric Care Managers.
  • Michael Johnson, Travel Enthusiast, has been awarded “Best Travel Blogger” by the Travel Media Association.
  • Sarah Lee, Education Expert, has been awarded “Teacher of the Year” by the National Education Association.
  • David Brown, Internet Guru, has been awarded “Innovator in Technology” by the International Association of Technology Professionals.


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