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8 Important Things You Should Know About Eyelid Surgery

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Puffy eye bags, drooping eyelids and dark under-eye circles are common cosmetic problems related to eyes. They are either hereditary or come with aging. Thankfully remedy is available in the form of eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. However, before you take a decision to undergo the surgery, there is a need to know about certain things.
1. Finding the Right Doctor is Quite Difficult
The most important thing you should do is to find a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon who should have an extensive experience in eyelid procedures. Start by researching surgeons in your area and reading reviews. Visit Dr Naveen Somia clinic in Bondi Junction for example.
Finding the correct surgeon needs looking beyond their credentials which requires time.
As a rule, you should feel comfortable and confident with the doctor. And also his office staff should make you feel confident and relaxed.
2. You Get What You Pay For
You may be in a habit of saving on major purchases which is a good habit. But an eyelid surgery is not a thing to save upon. An eyelid surgery is quite expensive though there are surgeries offered on discounts, but their results too are discounted.
Eyes are precious organs that you cannot afford to mess with. So, think well before choosing a cheap clinic.
3. Eyelid Surgery Cannot Bring a Transformation
The surgery of blepharoplasty can make your eyes look more open and also can stiffen loose skin around your eyes. However, the procedure doesn’t change your eyes’ structure.
The results of the procedure are more understated giving your eyes a fresh look rather than a prominent change.
Remember that cosmetic blepharoplasty is done to rejuvenate and freshen up the eyelids. Its results are dramatic, but it’s designed to enhance the patient’s appearance and not change it.
4. Prepared to be Nervous
There are high chances that the eyelid surgery can create results in your eyes you will be happy with. But it’s quite natural to become nervous before the surgery. In such a state of nervousness, you can talk to your doctor to ease fears.
5. Do Homework
No matter how nervous you are before the procedure, it helps to be fully confident while you enter the operation theatre. This can be made by doing an extensive research.
Dr Naveen Somia, an eyelid surgeon Bondi, recommends asking particular problems about the affected areas and watching many before and after images to get a confidence that the surgeon is capable of producing excellent results.
6. Avoid Eye Makeup or Contact Lenses if You Want to Get Rid of Swelling Fast
Your surgeon will advise you to stay away from eye makeup and contact lenses for at least a week, though most suggest to wait for two weeks. This is the time when your eyelids will recover.
Waiting for two weeks will ensure complete healing of the incision wound. Applying makeup will pose a risk of infection. Avoiding use of contacts will help eyelids recover faster and reduce swelling.
7. Full Results may be Seen after a Year
It may take even an entire year to get full results of the surgery; so, you have to be patient. True results may be masked for months by post-op swelling. At start you may even feel that your results are asymmetrical.
You may be eager to see the results and whether the surgery is successful or not immediately after the procedure. But complete results may take at least six months to a year to show.
8. Take Ample Rest
To let the recovery be fast, you should take ample rest physically as well as mentally. Avoid work after the procedure. The resting period will also give you ample time to follow your surgeon’s guidelines about the recovery.
These are things you should know if you decide to undergo an eyelid surgery. Follow them to go through the process as smoothly as possible.

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