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14 Things That Soothe A Sore Throat

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As God has given all of us a purpose, he wants us to lead our lives as healthy living beings. He wants us to take care of our bodies so that we have the strength and energy to fulfill our purpose in life. We should look after our bodies as they are the temples of God. We should be grateful to God and pray to him every day.

When you get a sore throat, it is an indicator that you are going to fall sick in the coming days. While it makes sense to contact your doctor, you can get quick relief from over-the-counter medications and home remedies. Here are 14 ways you can soothe your sore throat:

Gargle salt water: If you want to get rid of the bacteria, mucus, and swelling as quickly as possible, gargle salt water. You can make this mixture of salt and water more bearable by adding small amounts of honey.

Antibiotics: Sometimes, the reason for your sore throat is because of Streptococcus pyogenes, which is a bacterial infection. Check with the doctor to see if you have a bacterial infection. If yes, your doctor will help you out by prescribing the correct antibiotics. Make sure you complete the course so that the antibiotics can work their magic.

Anti-inflammatories: You can take NSAID or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as Aleve or Advil for your sore throat. According to Dr. Linder, “These medicines are combination pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, so they’ll make you feel better and they’ll also reduce some of the swelling associated with a sore throat.

Chicken soup: Although it is an old remedy, chicken soup can do wonders for your sore throat. Dr. Linder says, “The sodium in the broth may actually have anti-inflammatory properties, and it can feel good going down.”

Cough syrup: You can use cough syrups to soothe your sore throat. However, make sure that you consume non-drowsy cough syrups if you have to go to work. If you are finding it difficult to sleep, you can consume Robitussin AC or NyQuil.

Fluids: According to Dr. Linder, “You should be drinking enough fluid so that your urine is light yellow or clear. This keeps your mucous membranes moist and better able to combat bacteria and irritants like allergens, and makes your body better able to fight back against other cold symptoms.”

Honey: One of the best and sweetest ways to soothe your sore throat is to have a spoon of honey every day. Due to its antimicrobial properties and thick texture, your sore throat will heal in no time.

Humidifier: Dry air is notorious for worsening your sore throat. The best way to deal with this situation is to use a humidifier to make the air more pleasant and easy to breathe.


Nasal Rinsing: You can get quick relief from a sore throat if you rinse the insides of your nose with salt water. According to a study in 2008, children who used a saline nasal wash to rinse their nose six times a day had reduced symptoms from cold.

Popsicle: If you have trouble swallowing food because of a sore throat, then you should lick on some popsicles. You can go one step further by consuming fruit juice-based popsicles.

Rest: Although this solution will take time, it is one of the best methods to keep your sore throat from getting worse. A well-rested body is extremely efficient in combating the virus that is causing the infection.

Sprays and lozenges: You can eat some lozenges that have numbing or cooling ingredients such as eucalyptus or menthol for relief from a sore throat. You can also use sprays such as Chloraseptic to dull the pain from your sore throat.

Tea: Get instant relief from your irritating sore throat by drinking a nice cup of hot herbal tea. The antioxidants in tea will improve the strength of your immunity system, allowing your body to fight the infection effectively.

Marshmallows: Due to the gelatin coating on marshmallows, you can eat them to soothe your sore throat. Head to a nearby convenience store and purchase marshmallows to get relief from your sore throat.

Use these remedies to soothe your sore throat!

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