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10 Foods To Eat If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

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We all want to be healthy and look good! Many of us could stand to lose a few pounds or at least start making healthier food choices. There are so many different diets out there that claim to help us lose weight, and sometimes they do work but we end up putting the weight back on soon after. The trick when it comes to weight loss and diet is simplicity. Here are 10 simple food choices that are great for weight loss:

1. Green tea. This beverage has been around for so long and it is one of the healthiest things for your body. It’s loaded with antioxidants that assist with weight loss. But that’s not all, further research has shown that the active compounds found in green tea may actually help mobilize fat from your cells! It is thought to work by boosting the effects of fat burning hormones within your body.

2. Yogurt. Yogurt is so delicious! Natural yogurt contains probiotics which can really improve your digestion. In fact, a healthy stomach can protect against leptin resistance, which is one of the hormonal reasons for obesity. Full fat yogurt is better, and make sure to choose plain, not any with flavors and added sugars.

3. Oatmeal. Recent studies show that people who eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of cold cereal saw healthier levels of cholesterol and showed more significant weight loss. Oatmeal provides a lot of fiber that will help to keep you full and satisfied for the entire morning.

4. Avocados. Avocados are known to be a very healthy fruit. They pack an incredible dose of healthy fats, that help to kill hunger and destroy belly fat. Studies have also shown that avocados can have a great impact on your health and weight. The healthy fats in avocados help to keep you satisfied longer as well as fill you up with natural nutrients. Also, when you feed your body healthy fats, it’s actually more likely to release stored fats.

5. Barley. Barley is a delicious and fiber-rich grain that comes from the Middle East. It is most commonly used while baking bread or as a substitute for rice. It is a whole grain and an integral part of a healthy weight loss diet. Barley can help you to feel fuller longer and can be added to many different meals.

6. Almonds. Are you nuts for nuts?  Well, people used to avoid almonds because they have a lot of fat. However, studies now suggest that almonds are one of the best weight loss stimulants out there. Almonds contain good fats that help digestion, bowel movements, and cause you to feel full for longer. Not to mention they taste great!

7.  Blueberries. Blueberries are not only a delicious and a sweet treat, but they also have tons of health benefits! They are an antioxidant and contain loads of vitamin C and vitamin E. Science has shown that blueberries have the power to tackle belly fat. There are so many ways to eat blueberries: you can drink them, snack on them or add them to your morning oatmeal!

8. Miso. The ancient Japanese soup Miso is a mixture of broth and dissolved fermented bean paste with tofu, scallions, and kelp or seaweed. It is yummy and has a ton of flavorful. The great thing is that there are only 25 calories in each serving but it also contains 2 grams of protein. This soup also has B12 complex and protective fatty acids.

9. Beans. Certain beans and legumes are super healthy and can help you lose weight in a number of ways. They can help curb those stubborn cravings for processed foods and unhealthy snacks. Beans are also known to boost calorie and fat burning. Beans are known to target belly fat and even help to protect your heart! Studies have shown that beans can also help control cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

10. Sauerkraut. Do you like pickled cabbage? If you do then you may be surprised to learn that contains an incredible amount of probiotics and prebiotics that help keep your gut flora healthy. It may sound weird, but a balanced gut flora can help ensure that your immune system stays strong. It also protects against chronic inflammation that can occur in the stomach and it aids in insulin resistance, both of which are linked to obesity.

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