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US Farmer Makes History By Growing A 2,363-Pound Pumpkin

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As God didn’t want his favorite creations to starve, God made farmers. God showered farmers with countless blessings so that they have the resilience and energy to endure working in the fields all day long. We must be thankful to God and the farmers for giving us the opportunity to eat delicious fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats every day. We can’t even imagine how life would be if farmers didn’t exist.

On Monday, farmers had gathered in Northern California to show the world their collection of gigantic gourds for the pumpkin weigh-off. While there were many contenders, only one was big enough for the prestigious top prize.

The winner of the Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off was a retired firefighter, Joel Holland. Hailing from Sumner in Washington he walked away with the title pumpkin king. According to the organizers, his gourd had a total weight of 2,363 pounds.

Joel Holland’s gigantic pumpkin broke the record in America for the heaviest pumpkin. Although his pumpkin is enormous, it ranked number two in the list of heaviest pumpkins in the world.

One can’t even begin to imagine the amount of effort and time Joel Holland would have put to grow a pumpkin with this much weight. While Joel Holland broke records this time, it isn’t his first rodeo. In fact, this was the seventh win for him in an annual weigh-off competition. As the prize money was 7$ for every pound, Joel Holland walked away with $16,541.

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Precious Friend,

1. God create so many great things for us to enjoy on this earth!

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3. I pray that you are encouraged today in God’s love and care.

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