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Two Shelter Dogs Find Comfort In Eachother, Spend Every Day Snuggling And Waiting To Be Adopted

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Dogs are God’s gift to man! We love our precious pooches and being a pet owner is such a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, there are many dogs out there that don’t have homes and are stuck in shelters. There are so many reasons why a dog can end up in a shelter and it can be heartbreaking for the animal when they find themselves in this unfamiliar place.

Some dogs become shy and nervous when they get to a shelter while others try to make the best of the situation. There are two dogs named Blinker and Chilli Pepper who were both brought to a shelter separately but ended up becoming best friends while they wait for their forever home. The two dogs are both about a year old and had never met before arriving at a shelter in Georgia.

Chilli Pepper was the first of the two to arrive at the shelter. He came in August after animal control officers picked him up as a stray. Shortly after that in early September Blinker came in after officers found him illegally tethered to a property without any kind of shelter. The two took to each other right away and became best friends.

“They have been cuddling on their bed together ever since they were paired in the same kennel,” Kaitlyn Garrett, who is the photographer and social media coordinator for the shelter, said. “Everyone loves walking by to see them snuggling.”

So, why do they love each other so much? Maybe it’s because they feel secure together while in this new and unfamiliar place. ”“I like to think it must be nice to have a friend to hang out with while in the shelter,” Garrett said. “It may help with the stress some dogs feel when coming into the shelter.”

The dogs not only snuggle, but they are inseparable! Workers claim that the two have been joined at the hip and love being with each other. “They snuggle every day, all day,” Garrett said. “It is rare that you will walk by and not see them curled up together.

Since the two dogs are very close, you would think they have similar personalities. However, they are two very different dogs. “Blinker loves hugs,” Garrett said. “As soon as you take him out of the kennel, he jumps up to hug you. When I was squatting down with him, he kept moving away from the camera and in towards me so that he could give me a hug.”

Chili Pepper is the more playful of the two. “Chilli Pepper has a bit more energy and loves to run and chase tennis balls, and would probably benefit from a home with a backyard or someone with an active lifestyle that could take him for hikes and walks,” Garrett said.

It is so great that these two dogs have each other, but what they need next is a forever home. The shelter would like these two to be adopted together if possible so that they can continue their friendship. “It would be great if they could find a home together, but it is not an absolute must,” Garrett said. “They both do fine when separated and we wouldn’t want to hold one of them back from finding the perfect home just because the family isn’t in the position to take home two. We want them to find their perfect match, whether it be together or separate.”

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