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Today: Christina is counting on you

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Christina Gaskins needs your help with “New Jersey Governor: NJ State Appointed Judges Should Not Be Allowed to Do Whatever They Want”. Join Christina and  supporters today.

Sign this petition here: https://chn.ge/2L8s6FG

Mother Seeks Justice for NJ Judge’s Flagrant Misuse of Authority that Broke up her Family

A U.S. Army Officer and Texas resident, Christina Gaskins, is fighting to have her children returned to her care nearly five years after they were unlawfully taken from her without jurisdiction, validity and not in accords to Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) requirements.

Gaskins lost custody of her children when New Jersey Judge, Harold Johnson, granted sole custody to her ex-husband in the initial order and ordered her to pay child support. The latter order was made despite the fact that Walker was more than $24,000 in child support arrears.
Walker and Gaskins were married for 4 years before they divorced in 2009.  Gaskins was awarded sole custody of the couple’s four children in a Florida court where the marriage was dissolved. The order outlined that Walker was allowed to see his children during the summer and Christmas Break and to pay child support.

Gaskin relocated to Texas with her children in 2010 based on a long history of abuse with Walker. In 2013 both parents agreed that the children would stay with their father in New Jersey for an extended period on the basis of getting to know him better and Gaskins needing to finish her military training to become an officer.

But Walker had other plans. In September 2013, almost two weeks after their agreement, he filed for his child support to be dropped and for Gaskins to pay child support.  He then proceeded to block her calls and threatening his oldest if she reached out to her mother.  That’s when Gaskins went to New Jersey and picked up her children prior to the initial court date.

Judge Johnson forced her to go pro se (defend herself) and gave her no chance to seek New Jersey counsel, sua sponte granted Walker custody of the children without conducting a plenary hearing, and ordered Gaskins to return the children to New Jersey. Gaskins and the children were five (5) year residents of the State of Texas.In a subsequent unknown hearing conducted Judge Johnson issued a warrant for her arrest. A warrant that Walker would antagonize her with in a success effort to keep her away from her children for years.

The matter escalated in October 2014 when Walker visited Texas with an unregistered out-of-state order and picked up the children from their schools with the help of Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston, TX, much to the horror of their mother. “This is heart-breaking for any mother,”said Gaskins. “One day I’m watching them board the school bus and a few short hours later knowing that I won’t see them that same night. It’s a nightmare.” To this day, she has not received notification by Klein ISD or HCSO that they released her children to Walker. And she still does not have any parental rights to her children.

This is not the first time that Judge Johnson has misused his authority as several other families have expressed similar injustices meted out to them on Robeprobe.com.

Over the past 4 years Gaskins has made several attempts to resolve the injustice through the New Jersey judicial system and to reach out to state officials to no avail. In May 2018, she was denied in the Appellate Court based on technicalities.  She said, “This judge…This state had no right yet they took away all of mine and my children and give my abuser a platform to re-victimize me. New Jersey should not be allowed to sweep this under the rug.

A federal lawsuit has been filed based on deprivation of rights: Lack of due process, violation to UCCJEA (no home state jurisdiction or exclusive, continuing jurisdiction), perjury, and abuse of judicial discretion (just to name a few) against varies organizations in both Texas and New Jersey. Also, she is currently in the process of filing a complaint with the NJ Judicial Misconduct board on the judge.


Sign this petition here: https://chn.ge/2L8s6FG

Sign this petition here: https://chn.ge/2L8s6FG

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