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This Man Injured His Arm, Now He Looks Exactly Like Popeye!

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This man’s bulging bicep is not from eating a lot of spinach but from something drastically different.Although the 79-year-old Japanese man doesn’t have a girlfriend named Olive Oyl or be a sailor, a bulging bicep is something that he shares with the favorite cartoon character, Popeye. He shows a very visible bulge on his upper left arm, right in the middle. The condition is medically and more commonly referred to as the ‘Popeye Sign’ or Popeye deformity. He acquired this odd looking bulge immediately after lifting an object that was remarkably heavy. According to a case report that was published on the 15th of November in The New England Journal of Medicine, he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder immediately after he lifted the object.

What’s most ironic about this situation is that while Popeye’s biceps are a sign of power and incomparable strength, the real-life Popeye sign is caused by a weakness in the elbow and shoulder areas.

In this case, the man acquired the bulge after tearing one of the tendons in his bicep muscles. Tendons are tissues connecting muscles to bones. The bicep muscle is linked to the shoulder bone by use of two tendons, while the elbow bone only requires one tendon.

According to the case report, an MRI showed that this man had a complete tear of the long head of the biceps tendon. This is the longer of the two tendons that attach the bicep muscle to the shoulder bone. Dr. Dominic King, an orthopedic physician at The Cleveland Ohio, who is not involved in the treatment of this man’s case said that “When this tendon tears, the biceps muscle, which is no longer pulled as strongly toward the shoulder, sags toward the elbow.”

As a result, a big balled up muscle forms in the middle of the arm, giving you bulging biceps like that of Popeye’s. Although more noticeable when the arm is being flexed at the elbow, the muscle appears thinner when the arm is resting.

The tendon tears tend to be more common among the elderly because over-time usage of a muscle weakens it. However, it is not impossible for a younger person to acquire this condition, especially when it comes to people who often train their muscles like weightlifters and bodybuilder who lift something really heavy really quickly. Dominic King also noted that “surgery typically isn’t needed to fix this type of injury, because a person still has one biceps tendon attached to the shoulder.”

According to the case report, in the case of this Japanese man’s case, he was treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for four months and the pain doesn’t have an effect on his everyday life.

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Share this story and amaze your friends with this strange medical condition!

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