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This Little Girl Hears Her Grandma Unknowingly Say “Bad Word”, Goes On A Heart-Melting Rant

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This sweet, little girl is Josephine, whose family calls her “Josie the D.I.T”, meaning Diva in Training. But it’s not the first time that she is posing before the camera to give her epic responses. He father’s channel, where he has been uploading videos of his daughter for the past two years, enjoys 7,235 subscribers. The most popular video on the channel, where she was singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm, has a staggering 8,777,840 views. But this one is sure to surpass all others on the channel.

“I’m not talking to Mimi, ’cause I’m really upset!”, said the little girl posing before the camera as she goes on a heart-melting rant after hearing her grandma saying a “bad word”. And mind you, she is not joking at all. “It’s not funny, Mimi. I told you!”, she says scolding her grandma, crumpling up her face to express her utter disgust in the most hilarious of gestures.


However, the way she explains her plans to deal with the situation with her granny is simply invaluable. She says that when her mommy and daddy pick her up, she is going to tell them, and she would go home right away, take rest, and then be upset.” “Because she is saying bad words to me” is the best response from her that left everyone in the family burst into laughter.

Check out Josie’s video below and you are sure to roar with laughter when you hear her say the “bad word” uttered by her grandma.

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Dear Fellow Follower,

1. Children teach us much about life.

2. We need support from one another in the raising of children.

3. Children are a blessing from God.

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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