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The Simple Trick To Hanging Your Sweaters Without Ruining them

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The biggest issue with heavy sweaters is that gravity plays a big part in ruining them. When you hang them, the pull of the gravity stretches the fabric out and ruins them. Thankfully, there’s a method that takes care of this issue.

Love wearing those lovely soft warm knitted sweaters? But, don’t want to own too many because the amount of space they take up? You can hang them neatly without having to worry about ruining the look of your sweaters. It is true that keeping a folded sweater would take up a significant amount of your dresser space. That is why this sweater hanging method is so great and useful. The best part? You could use any hanger for this. It also ensures that your sweaters remain in their hanging position and not collecting dust on your floor. This isn’t just about draping the sweater, this is the real thing.

If you are worried about how complicated it would be to secure it well without spoiling the fabric, you are going to be in for a surprise. The method is hassle-free and simple. While any hanger would do, if you have a non-slip felt one, that is even better. Now get hold of that heavy sweater and follow these steps:

First, hold it and fold it in half vertically from sleeve to sleeve. Make sure that the length of the sleeves match. Now put the folded sweater on a flat surface and place the hanger in such a position that the hook is in between the arms and the body of the sweater. Without changing the position of the hanger, take the sleeves and put them over the shoulder of the hanger and pull them out underneath the bottom bar. Do the same with the body of the sweater.

And voila, your sweater is ready to go inside the closet and you don’t need to go checking it anymore. It is now in a secure position with no chance of falling off. The best part? It takes less than a minute to do it! The sweater won’t slide off and this simple yet effective technique ensures that no marks or stretches appear on your beloved sweater.

It is so easy that even those who have difficulty in folding their clothes properly can do this. Your heavy sweaters will now take up very little space and have a longer life in the process. So, if you were in two minds about stacking up on knitted sweaters for this winter, you don’t need to worry anymore.

Sometimes in the middle of doing things we end up putting on a wrinkled top without even realizing it. This situation mostly happens when we’re in a hurry and already running late. At that point, to rummage around and look for another top or an iron seems like a waste of precious time. But all those who don’t know the trick end up doing either one of these.

Taking a shirt off after getting ready often makes us frustrated with the situation. But there is a fantastic and creative way to deal with this issue! This hack is a great way to get a wrinkle-free shirt without wasting too much time and even taking the top off! It’s a simple and quick method.

All you need for it is a hairdryer! How to use a hairdryer to tackle the creases: Change the settings of the hair dryer. Make sure it is set to hot and the highest setting before turning the dryer on. Hold your top from the hemline and pull it taut so that the wrinkles appear smoothed out Turn the dryer on making sure the nozzle is facing the garment. Then direct the hot air towards the creased parts. Make sure the nozzle doesn’t touch the garment though as it can burn it. The metal coils of the dryer could singe the fabric. Take it to any part of the garment; be it the body or the sleeves. Do it for a bit and turn off the dryer. You will notice that your creases have magically disappeared! This works great on thin fabrics like cotton, silk, satin. Any part of your top that cries out for a steam, the hairdryer will definitely create magic there, like the ruched sleeves in your top. All the bits that never get ‘un’ creased after ironing, smoothen out with the dryer. Try it on your rouched waistbands or statement sleeves and see the wonders a blow dryer does to these bits.

Wait for a bit for the fabric to cool down before you throw in your jacket and make sure you don’t crease up your shirt again on your way out!

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