Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in Primary School

The primary education period, which is one of the most important stages of children’s education life, is a period when the pressure is felt intensely and the expectation bar is high for children. Therefore, this period can be challenging for parents as well as children. A successful school experience is no longer measured solely by grades and …

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What is STEM?

There have been 3 major turning points in the history of humanity until today. The first people, who lived as hunters and nomads long ago, started a settled life after discovering how to cultivate the land, and thus the agricultural revolution began. Thanks to the agricultural revolution, man ceases to be a creature that consumes nature only …

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Socratic Debate

  What is Socratic Debate? Socrates, who loved to argue, argue, and question, and was therefore sentenced to death in 309 BC, did not leave any written work behind. We know him from the accounts of his students, especially Plato. The philosopher, who is still alive with the method he brought to the art of rhetoric, …

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