What is Creativity?

Creativity, one of the concepts gaining importance with student-centered constructivist education approaches; It is defined as finding a different and new solution to a problem by trying various ways, and revealing new ideas and products for a purpose by going beyond the borders. The process of revealing them is as important as the resulting product-idea. Creativity …

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What is Motor Development in Children?

The ability to perform the movements necessary in daily life is called motor skill, and the appropriateness of the muscles used to perform these movements is called motor development. Motor development in children covers all kinds of activities, from feeding to walking, from playing to writing. The motor development process, which is completed significantly in the first …

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What is Cognitive Development?

In the first six years of their lives, children develop and grow rapidly, physically, cognitively, language and communication, socially and emotionally. These areas of development are considered to be the four main areas of development of human life, and this period gains importance in terms of acquiring many gains. Activities related to the functioning of intelligence such …

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