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Start Your Journey to Financial Independence NOW

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Start Your Journey to Financial Independence NOW!



Before becoming an entrepreneur and a coach, I worked for major Wall Street companies as an information technology executive. I was very comfortable financially, with my 6-figure salary but it didn’t feel right. I wanted more meaning and fulfillment.

It wasn’t easy to step out of my comfort zone, but I followed my ‘FEEL GOOD’ compass and, at some point, made the decison to re-invent my life, on my terms. I’m now a successful business owner, happily married and have an awesome daughter.

Spirituality and mindfulness have played an integral role in my life. I’m deeply grounded in spiritual principals and practice yoga, meditation and visualization. These practices help me feel grounded, grateful and humble and keep me aligned with a higher perspective and abundance consciousness.

I have an amazing and blessed life –a loving family, beautiful homes in gorgeous places, meaningful work and financial freedom. But it was not always like that…

I was raised in a working middle-class family where money was scarce. As a child, I was taught to work hard and earn my success. As a result, I learned how to rely on myself.

This was a tremendous blessing that continues to serve me to this day, but it also had a downside. I was constantly exposed to disagreements and uneasiness involving money. There never seemed to be enough of it! As you can imagine, I started associating money with negativity, fear and stress.

Later in life, it seemed I had it all. I had money, a beautiful family and a comfortable home. Naturally, my friends were surprised when I told them I felt stuck.

Yes, deep inside I was suffocating.

I was working 60-hour weeks and commuting three hours each day. Even worse, my first husband and I were living separately under the same roof. It soon became clear that our marriage was over.

I felt exhausted, unfulfilled and confused.  https://daretochangelife.com

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