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Shining Hair Tips and Foods to Follow for Healthy Hair

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You will hardly or should rather say, it is impossible to find someone who does not wants healthy and beautifully shinning hairs. But the reality is that very few choose to take good care and nourish the hairs as they nourish and take care of the body and health. It is important to know that hairs are protein filament, hence, proteins are the main building blocks of hairs.
Whatever type your hair, dull, shiny, long, short, thick, thin, oily, etc. the main and the most important factor for healthy hair is the nutrition levels – the diet / food we intake. It is very important to understand that for optimum health and diseases free life, good healthy food is what is required and the same truth goes for your hairs. In order to have the hairs of your desire, below are some shinning hair tips, supplements for hair loss, hair fall solution and foods to follow for healthy hair:-
The Basic Facts, know your hair – there may be hundreds and thousands of hairs on your head and every single strand is composed of a special protein called the keratin. In addition to keratin there are other substances like minerals, lipids, melanin granules and water. Even though these strands are considered non-living, yet they grow, shine and decay.
Diet, the most important factor of good hair health – to get the best hair strands on your head, it is important to know and understand, that it is something more that is required than what we directly apply to our hairs. It is thereby very important what we put in our body. Every individual strand on our head has the capacity to grow almost half inch a month and the factors of this growth depends on our dietary intakes.
It has been notices that diet rich in nutrients and minerals, helps hair grow better and shinier. Food containing fatty acids, vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B12 are highly effective in hair growth. Food such as salmon, green dark vegetables, nuts, beans and poultry are highly effective.
Hair care products – there are numerous hair care products that are made for better hair health. The challenge here is to decide which is better than the other. It is always important to understand and know your hair type before selecting the product like dry hair, oily hair, soft hair, hard hair etc. the most important factor in choosing the right brand and the product for hair one should always consider natural products over chemically composed products.
The extra bit- in order to a bit extra and do good to your hair follow some of the habitual tips that can do wonders to your hair like regular trimming of hairs, avoid heat and hot water on hairs that can cause hair damage, avoid exposure of your hair to chlorinated and salted waters, avoid using products that contains chemicals, pat dry hairs instead of rubbing after bathing and combing hairs once have dried up.
Stress is another factor that shows considerable impact on human hairs. Avoid stress by adopting to a healthy lifestyle, exercising and practising yoga and meditation.

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