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'Runaway Flower Girl' Shocks Ceremony Guests, But Watch What The Bride Does…

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We are surrounded by moments that make us laugh and bring us joy. Such is the blessing of God: even during troubled times, there are reasons to feel thankful and elated. Children are closest to God, they are pure and untouched by the polluted ideas that we acquire as adults. Children are not imprisoned by the mannerisms and behavior regulations imposed on adults as socially acceptable. Dominated by free will and impulsiveness, children do or say the most bizarre things without taking in their surroundings or situation. Here is one such hilarious incident involving a child and her tryst to swim at the oddest time.

Picture a beautiful, clear day. The bride stares lovingly into the groom’s eye: both finding everything they were looking for in each other. The bride and groom are almost at the end of their vows, the proceedings are perfect and going according to plan. Without a warning, a streak of white flies past. Before you have time to take in what is happening, everyone around you is in laughter. What is happening, you ask. It is the adorable flower girl making a dash for it. Runaways at weddings are such cinematic situations and you immediately think of the worse: a desolated groom standing with a mix of surprise and hurt. Here, in this case, it was the opposite. Running towards the water was not the bride or someone from her party, but a three-year-old Chloe who chose this moment as the perfect time for a summer dip. Chloe would have had it her way if it wasn’t for her mother grabbing her before the leap.

Melbourne is the ideal destination for weddings with waterfront locations and clear weather. Tom and Katie Quirk were in the middle of exchanging vows when the whole attending guests burst out in laughter. No, there wasn’t a flash mob showing off their best dance moves; but a sight of a girl sprinting towards the water with her mother at her heels. Chloe stole the attention from the couple to be wed by her urge to cool off in the water.

The video of the incident was first uploaded by the videographer on social media and YouTube. Chloe’s video soon became viral and people started sharing it. If it were anyone else in Katie’s place, they would have erupted like a dominant volcano had someone interrupted the most memorable moment of their life. Katie brushed off the incident, during her interview with Daily Mail Australia explaining her take on the incident. Katie explained, “I was facing the direction Chloe was running from, but because I was looking at Tom all I saw was a flash of white all of a sudden in my peripheral vision,” she said. “And then I saw my sister-in-law running past and I was like, ‘Did that really happen?”

Katie added that Chloe is too young to even understand what going viral means. Chloe is impressed that her stunt got so much attention, like any other 3-year-old. Chloe isn’t old enough to be embarrassed by the popularity of the video for her act. Katie wants to bring it all back when Chloe is at least 18 or 21, for it to have full impact. Childhood funny incidents never really leave us. Shadowing us and creeping up at the most unexpected moments, such incidents are looked at as adorable by older relatives but the protagonist feels anything but that.

Imagine bringing in your 21st birthday and having your parents surprise you with the video of your stunt pulled 18 years ago. Your friends are there and you are supposed to be cool and all that, not a child who is dashing past the wedding to go jump into the water.

Coming back to the present, Katie does not harbor any bad feelings towards Chloe. Talking about Chloe, Katie said, “She’s an absolute scream. We love her to death.” From Katie’s perspective, the fact that the video has gone viral is a good sign. With so much negativity spreading in the world, a heartfelt incident like this sticks the right chord. All you need is a good laugh to turn an exceptionally awful day into something more tolerable. Insisting that positivity, laughter, and cheer must be spread, Katie adds, “From my point of view, with all the bad news in the world, if that can make people laugh and smile, that’s great.”

When you watch the video you see Katie’s reaction turning from adoration, to wonder and just cracking up. The composed, love-eyed bride goes from staring at her soon to be husband, longingly, to an aunt who just can’t stop laughing.

Children are the respite offered to us by God. They are instinctive, they don’t weigh their actions and words, and mostly inappropriate. Most parents face ‘foot-in-the-mouth’ moments with their child’s questions and actions. Instead of giving them a hard time, laugh it off. Children are children. If a child acts like an adult, that would be inappropriate. Being a child is the best part: you can eat messily, take naps whenever and wherever, stuff your mouth with candy and still not worry about piling on weight, ask questions without seeming too intrusive or inquisitive. No one takes offense when a child asks a question. No one should.

If this video had you laughing, share it with friends and family. Let’s make the world a better place, with one positive video at a time!

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