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Royal Chef Reveals What Queen Elizabeth Eats For Breakfast That Keeps Her Going Strong At 91!

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When we talk about celebrities and people from Royal families, we sometimes tend to forget that like us they too are human. Yes, they might lead a more expensive lifestyle than most but some of the things like diet and eating habits can be similar to ours. After all, everyone is looking for longevity and youthfulness for as long as they can have it. For example, Queen Elizabeth’s eating habit is the key to her glowing health. She eats a modest breakfast like most people, and most times repeats the same thing for lunch and dinner too. Although it’s not advisable for someone her age to eat a sumptuous meal for breakfast even though she can easily afford it, she doesn’t even eat a complete English breakfast or even half of it. She, in fact, does not eat anything that includes oils or fries or meat. Her breakfast, revealed by her former chef comes as a surprise to many. And if that doesn’t surprise anyone then here’s another one – she serves herself! How’s that for self-service. There’s something we can all learn from the Queen herself.

What’s life without a good old-fashioned English breakfast? Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, sausage, tomatoes, and toast is what most people would call a heavy and royal breakfast. But for Queen Elizabeth, royalty has nothing to do with food. When her breakfast got revealed by the former chef to the royal family, it shocked many because it was probably the simplest yet healthiest of all breakfasts. It was also surprising because many associate Royalty with a golden touch. It was revealed that all that the Queen eats in the morning is some Kellogg’s cereal along with a cup of Darjeeling tea. That’s it!

The 91-year-old monarch prefers eating something light for the first meal of the day. Chef Darren McGrady said that most times, she would serve herself cereal from a plastic container. It’s usually Kellogg’s special K with some fruit. With that, she would also pour herself a nice cup of hot Darjeeling tea.

Most think that the queen can have Egg McMuffins for breakfast since she owns her own McDonald’s franchise but in reality, it’s far from the truth. Neither does she not eat any of the fast-food items, she doesn’t even eat something which even remotely resembles a McMuffin. And medical experts will agree that McMuffins are not usually prescribed for a long life and neither are hash browns or any other food items from fast food restaurants.

The queen’s eating habits are a result of her disciplined lifestyle. Most times, she eats the same thing for lunch and dinner too. It’s no surprise then, that, even at 91, she moves around more comfortably than most people her age. However, unlike her, her grandchildren have a good appetite and enjoy a good meal.

Even though she has a modest breakfast, there’s still a touch to it. The plate in which she eats her breakfast costs more than most people’s house. Thirty years ago, its value was nearly 500,000 pounds. Well, let’s not talk about how much the cost would be today.

The way the queen eats is an example for everyone to follow. Apart from the plate in which she eats from, it is a rather straightforward and inexpensive breakfast option. Also, it is good for the body and helps keep one in shape. The special K has been created for people who want to lose weight. As for the tea, it is full of antioxidants and helps the body get rid of free radicals.

One of the biggest problems with food items in glass bottles is that sometimes it feels just impossible to get it out. But there is a simple trick and only a few knew about it until Heinz released a video. Heinz figured out that most people had difficulty getting the right amount of ketchup from their glass bottles. So, they showed a trick which allows one to get as much ketchup as one wants. It turns out that the hint had always been on the bottle but went ignored for a long time.

It’s irritating when the ketchup does not come out of the bottle even after repeated jerking and whacking on the base. Even using a knife yields is futile. Some try using a bit of water to dilute the ketchup. Others have their own tricks.

Heinz realized this and decide to share the secret of their bottles. Their bottles are specially designed to ensure that customers get maximum ketchup. It so happens that the number 57 on the neck is the sweet spot. It’s placed exactly where the bottle narrows down. The ketchup comes out easily when one gently taps on the number. Up until now, only a few people were aware of this trick. But now everyone is part of the club!

One of the most frequently asked question on Heinze’s website is about the number “57”. People who use Heinz products never seem to figure out what it means. The number 57 has not been randomly chosen by Heinz and there is a historical significance too. It represents the advertising slogan of the brand which has been there since the beginning. It also happens to be H. J. Heinz’s lucky number.

Gone are the days of jerking and whacking ketchup bottles. With just a simple trick, Heinz has piqued the interest of ketchup eaters. It is sure to increase sales if anything else. Everyone would definitely try this trick at least once.

However, Heinz never revealed how they achieved this. They never spoke about the physics of it. It does make one think whether the same principle will work for other ketchup bottles or is it exclusive only to Heinz. But whatever, it may be, Heinz has hit the sweet spot.

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