Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher as a Parent

One of the factors behind children’s academic success is the involvement of parents in matters related to their children’s education. The easiest way to achieve this is, of course, to establish good relations with your child’s teacher! Especially for primary school children, teachers are the people who spend the most time during the day . . As a parent, establishing a healthy and strong partnership with your child’s teacher has a positive impact on both the child’s school experience and success. This is also a great advantage for teachers. Here are the questions you should ask as a caring and conscious parent to learn about your child’s situation at school and to get to know your child’s teacher better…

What activities contribute the most to my child’s learning?

The question of how their children can listen and learn in the classroom in a focused way is one of the most curious things for parents and guardians. Learning activities that contribute to a child’s learning and focus allows to understand what a child looks like when motivated and what motivates them.

What are the approaches that help my child make the most progress?

Asking your child’s teacher this question will allow you to learn about the learning methods the teacher applies to your child. The answer to this question also reveals the positive aspects of the child in the field of education and development. Moreover, these methods, which enable the child to make faster progress, can also be applied to areas or subjects that are difficult.

What can we do at home to support his education?

Children’s first teachers are their parents. Techniques and activities to be performed at home are vital to support a child’s education. The answer to this question, which you will ask your child’s teacher, will often be as simple as reading a book every evening or helping with homework, but even these little help can greatly support the child’s education.

How do you see my child’s relationships with classmates?

The social development of the child is as important as academic success. Getting information about the child’s relationship with his classmates from the teachers, who have the opportunity to observe the child’s behavior in the classroom and his relations with his friends, gives an idea about the child’s general development.

What are the biggest challenges facing my child?

Children face many challenges throughout their school life. End-of-year exams, problems with classmates or problems with focus… Getting information from the child’s teacher about the difficulties and problems that await him gives parents the opportunity to prepare for the situations they may face.

How can we stay in touch about my child’s development?

Although parent meetings or occasional ten-minute meetings between the teacher and the parent are very useful, it is always advantageous to determine a communication method to get information about the current situation of the child. Both the teacher and the parent can determine the methods that will contribute to the success of the child, via e-mail or in short weekly meetings.

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