PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, and Crossplay

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

PUBG stands for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. PLAYERUNKNOWN is the main developer of PUBG. The game genre is called Battle Royale. You are fighting against 99 other players in the struggle for survival. The goal? Be the last man standing, out of 100 players, only 1 win. At the beginning of each game, 100 people in a plane are flown across an island in a random trail leading to random drop locations or possible densities of players.


How To Play PUBG PS4

PUBG PS4 GamePlay

  1. A total of three PUBG PS4 maps are available Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and PUBG Snow Map “Vikendi.”
  2. First, you’re going to have to begin parachuting against 99 other teams on an island either individually, as a pair, or in a team-based on your choice.
  3. Be conscious of your environment and where other opponents are landing.
  4. Once you land, try to find weapons right away. Unlike Fortnite, which at least starts you off with an axe, PUBG at first has you completely defenseless.
  5. Keep in mind the “circle” on the map, if you’re not safe inside it, you’ll start to take damage once this circle closes in. Each circle increases external damage received. Don’t ever be caught outside of the circle. PUBG’s punishments for being caught outside the circle are much stricter than Fortnite’s, so you always want to stay in the playable area.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

  1. Try to always have a helmet on —  snipers will try to take you out and helmets can protect you from long-distance shots to the head. Try and, if possible, get a Lvl 3 helmet.
  2. PUBG guns have severe recoil, so either use a scope at all times or use single and burst modes.
  3. Vehicles cover large distances with speed, but with their noise attract huge amounts of attention.
  4. When you drop from the plane look for isolated buildings and then get to the ground as fast as you can.
  5. If you’re playing Duos or Squads, you’re going to have to communicate your position and actions to your squad so you have the best chance to win. You’re supposed to play close to each other but you can split up to loot.
  6. Holster your weapon when not using it. You move 6% versus when running with it in hand.
  7. Always close the door behind you when entering a building. Leaving a door open is like adverts and inviting somebody to follow you.
  8. Always close the doors behind you. This looks like nobody has ever been to that building, and it also gives you an audible warning when someone comes into a house that you loot or hold.
  9. Try to stay away from chokepoints in particular: these include places such as bridges, or entries into compounds. This is because they will always be guarded, and you’re asking to get shot by trying to go through.
  10. Super Punch: To do more damage, jump, and punch.
  11. Lob Grenades: While holding RT tap LT to lob the grenade underhand.
  12. Pick a pan: the pan will deflect the bullets. You can save your life if you find one.
  13. Use All Your Gear: Don’t hang on boosts, medkits or your stockpile of ammo in the late stages. Use it all to win.

PUBG PS4 Price and Download Size

The price of PUBG PS4 starts ar $29 in the US and the PUBG PS4 download size is 33.51GB.

PUBG PS4 Guide: Lobby and Controller

PUBG PS4 Lobby Guide

  1. There are four distinct queues to choose from: Solo, Duo, Squad and Squad 1-man (competing alone in a game against 3 or 4 teams).
  2. Choose between (TPP) Third Person Perspective and (FPP) First Person Perspective.
  3. Hit Play to jump into the match.

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

There’s also a training mode where you can experience all aspects of PUBG. This is an excellent choice for first-time gamers.


PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

You can buy crates with BP and you can see the upper right corner of the lobby screen you can use to buy in the game. You can also purchase the premium currency of G-Coin and PUBG in the game.

G-Coin, the premium currency of PUBG, is purchased with real money and can be used to buy cosmetics directly, such as skin sets and parachute skins, as well as other diverse items such as event passes.

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

In PUBG PS4 settings, you can set your control, gameplay, audio, and graphics preferences.

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

PUBG PS4 Controller Guide

  1. Five different controller schemes for various scenarios: Basic, Aim, Vehicle, Swim, Map.
  2. Another preset called Type B will also be accessible. The most significant shift for Type B is the L2 key (when in Basic). Holding L2 will cause your personality to go into ADS mode and just go to clicking once.

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay

PubG PS4: Download, Review, Update, Price, Gameplay, Tips, Crossplay


Pubg PS4 Review

Great ambience and atmosphere of tension. Technical and slow-paced, it takes time to get used to your survival mechanics. But after the first victory you can’t stop playing. Technically fulfilled but not the best. Its gameplay is a recycling of several market shooter. What makes the game really special is the feeling of the cat and the mouse in the games which makes it the best Battle royale on the market.


For a Battle Royal game this game is far superior than the rest. If you enjoy more realism in a game this is for you. The low ratings are people who do not understand how to play this game, you can’t full auto and hit every bullet. You need to be tactical and use your head, counter the recoil, plan your movements & judge enemy movements to stay ahead.
This game is A LOT of fun with friends when you use tactics to outwit your enemies. Highly recommend


Gamers’ Temple

While PUBG delivers the core gameplay of the battle royale genre, it doesn’t manage to do it with the sophistication of competing for battle royale games on the PS4. It looks and plays like an alpha build of a game that’s focusing on getting the basics worked out without worrying about optimization or graphical polish. It’s also a threadbare offering, giving you a single game mode while games like Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V give you a whole lot more game modes beyond their battle royale modes. PUBG may have come first to the genre on other platforms, but its PS4 debut feels like a game that the world has long ago passed by.

Gamers' Temple

Everything this game tries to do, it does halfheartedly. The driving is floaty, the gunplay is sluggish, the environments, while interesting, are too big and often useless as the play area starts getting restricted very quickly. The limitations of the console make the draw distances awful resulting in a lot of pop in of walls, buildings, textures, and your enemies. There’s a damn good game somewhere in all this mess, but with it forever being “early access” we’ll never see it. There are other games that deserve your time, money and energy more than this.


Terrible start. After finding a game with a 90% chance there will be an endless loading. 10/10 simulator of game rebooting. Out of 20+ matches I never got to Erangel, only Sanhok and Miramar.


This game is horrible. Besides the terrible graphics, the game itself is incredibly boring and repetitive.


All Pubg PS4 Reviews were taken from metacritic

Is PUBG free on ps4?

PUBG on PS4 won’t be free to play. The base game will be $30.00. You’ll also need PlayStation Plus to play the game.

How much is PUBG for ps4?

The base game on the console is going to cost $30 and for $50 you will be offered a “survivor’s edition,” while a “champion’s edition” will cost $80. Both include the G-Coin bonus, additional rewards in the game.

Is PUBG on ps4 Crossplay?

PC players can not play PUBG Xbox, but the mobile PUBG allows full cross-play between Apple and Android.

Can you play PUBG on ps4 with mobile players?

No, you can’t play pubg ps4 with a mobile player because a mobile player is only limited to pubg mobile servers.

When did PUBG come out on ps4?

7 December 2018

Does ps4 have Vikendi?

PUBG’s Vikendi map is now available on PS4.

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