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Paper Refuses To Publish Obituary Once They Realize He’s A Dog, But Then He Gets The Last Word

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When she’s not blogging for the ‘net, June loves cuddling with her cats and reading in her library at home. After Lee DiBella’s father passed away, she wanted something to bring comfort to not only herself, but to her mother. In 2006, Lee rescued a two-year-old pointer/lab/greyhound mix from a shelter and named him Brian. She quickly learned Brian had severe separation anxiety and other behavioral issues, but vowed to give him the best life possible. Nearly 11 years later, Brian peacefully passed away. In the wake of his death, she sat down to grieve — and a flood of emotions came pouring out. Lee submitted Brian’s obituary to a local newspaper, but once the staff realized Brian was an animal, they refused to publish it. Wanting to make sure she honored properly honored him, Lee refused to give up. She tweeted at NBC, who published Brian’s obituary in full. Here are some touching excerpts: A lover of couches and blankets, Brian had many hobbies. Some of Brian’s favorite activities included barking at things not there, cuddling alongside you, taking over his mother’s bed, licking his butt, acting like a spaz when it was time to be fed, and trying to figure out who exactly was ‘the good boy.’ Being able to destroy any crate, gate, door handle or trim and molding in his way, Brian quickly began building loving relationships with all those who came in contact with him. It was 10.5 years of snuggles, going hiking, my original running buddy, the first one wagging the tail at the door when I come home, assuming he didn’t destroy something. Lee’s obituary concluded with a message to her fellow dog owners: At the wishes of Brian’s family, give your dog an extra hug, belly rub, and treat. Please SHARE this heartfelt story, and Lee’s words of wisdom, with your friends on Facebook.

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