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Owner Captures Cockatoo Playing Catch All By Herself

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Harley is a cockatoo that decided to take matters in her own hand when she was in the mood to play catch. The bird got hold of a yellow disc-like object (probably a jar lid) and tossed it high up in the air. The disc hit the living room’s wooden floor with a loud clank and the noise caught the attention of the owner.

She grabbed her camera and began recording the bird because she didn’t want to miss out on this funny moment. As the cockatoo went around performing her hilarious antics in the room, the camera kept following her.

The bird continued with her game, going under the furniture and behind various décor pieces for a long time. She was determined to continue the game which she had started all by herself.

The owner posted a video of the cockatoo playing with the yellow circle and it shows how the bird gets into some trouble while playing. There is one moment in which the cockatoo goes wrong with her calculation and is unable to catch the yellow disc. She halts for a minute, not being able to spot its catch toy. After some looking around, the cockatoo finally sees a part of the yellow disc coming out from behind the brown floor décor of the owner. You have to see the video to view the cockatoo’s athletic comeback!

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1. Animals bring us much joy.

2. God made animals to bring us comfort.

3. Most people love an animal story over any other!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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