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Ohio Mom Takes Photo Of Cashier’s Act Of Kindness, Now It’s Going Viral!

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Christmas is the time of year when many of us are filled with joy and happiness, but not everyone’s life s perfect around the holidays. Christmas can be a hard time for families for many reasons, maybe they don’t have enough money to pay for presents, maybe they have a child who is sick, or maybe they are still grieving a loved one who won’t be with them this year. When things like this happen, it is up to the rest of us to surround them with love and do what we can to help out.

The Grandinette family was going through a very rough time this Christmas season. Their infant son, named Remington, was in the hospital undergoing treatments for an immune and kidney disorder. Their other son not only missed his little brother but he was having an extremely hard time coping with changes to his family’s daily routine. It was during this time that Kimberly Grandinette stopped by their local grocery store to stock up on household supplies for her family, but she ended up getting something else she never expected!

The cashier, Kristen Clark, rang up her purchases as Kimberly made small talk and explained that her 3-year-old son, Paul Jr., was having a hard time coping with his brother’s absence. In an act of kindness, Kristen lifted the 3-year-old boy into her arms, brought him behind the register, and allowed him to help her scan the barcodes on some coupons. The small gesture really brought a smile to Paul’s face!

Kimberly was so moved by the kind cashier’s actions that she took a picture of what was going on. She later posted the photo online and wrote: “She was so patient with him as she let him help her scan the coupons and she made him feel like a million bucks.” Kimberly also said that Paul “loves to help and it’s not very often where someone would actually bring him behind the register and let him.”

Kristen didn’t even realize that the photo was being taken, but then she saw it online. “It felt so good that somebody took time out of their day to say something nice and for people to take a liking to it, it made me feel really good,” she said.

Watch the full news report in the video below:

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Precious Friend,

1. God is a faithful friend.

2. You are God’s creation – created in his image.

3. I pray that you are encouraged today in God’s love and care.

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God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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