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New Research Suggests That Diets With “Cheat Days” May Actually Help You Lose More Weight!

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Keeping our bodies healthy is so important but it can be very difficult! We need to not only begin dieting and exercising, but we also have to maintain this healthy lifestyle on a consistent basis. Many of us can diet for a short amount of time and lose weight, but keeping up with healthy eating can become quite a challenge. There are a few diets out there that allow “cheat days” where the dieter is allowed to eat more calories. These cheat days have been shown to help us mentally because we get to partake in some of our favorite foods, but they may also hold the key to helping us physically be able to lose more weight!

A new study was done by Australian researchers and it shows that taking cheat days, or breaks, while on a diet may actually help aid weight loss! The study had two groups of obese men and women who were both put on strict diets. The first group of dieters maintained this diet for two weeks, and then was able to break from it for two weeks. They continued to go on and off the diet in these two-week cycles. The other group of dieters continued on the strict diet with no breaks or cheat days for four months.

It was observed that the group who alternated between the strict diet and having cheat weeks lost more weight during the study. The group who took breaks from their diet also gained less weight back after the study had finished.

“While further investigations are needed around this intermittent dieting approach, findings from this study provide preliminary support for the model as a superior alternative to continuous dieting for weight loss,” Nuala Byrne, who is the head of the University of Tasmania’s School of Health Sciences and the leader of this study, said.

The idea behind this science is that cheat days can allow your body and mind get a rest from dieting. If your body gets used to consuming a lower amount of calories, then it burns fewer calories. However, if you give your body a break from restricting food, it may help increase your metabolism. The group of people in the study who had cheat days were still restricted to certain foods and calories, so if you try the cheat day method you need to make sure to keep everything in moderation.

Watch the video below to learn more about this diet and find out if it can be the right plan for you:

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Fellow believer,

1. Eating well and taking brief walks can give you loads of energy!

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3. It’s never too late to take control of your life or your diet!

Share this medical news to encourage others to get healthy with you!

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Aaron Tabor, MD

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