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Mom leaves dad with their daughter, she wasn’t expecting to come back to this!

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Dads are famous for the extreme things they come up with for watching the kids. Sometimes when mom walks out of the room and you get to stay with dad, that’s when the fun starts!

These dads have special bonds with their little ones. Whether being silly, affectionate or both, it’s a delight to see them interact this way. And, what they come up with??? You won’t believe it!

These dads (and the moms catching the antics on camera sometimes) are doing just what childhood experts say they should – they are connecting with their children. Children need their parents to be connected – to be available for them, physically and emotionally.


The Worst 8 Sexual Affairs in The Bible!
God is Love (1 John 4:8), but God HATES things that destroy us with destructive consequences.

That is why God hates adultery and sexual deceit.

Here are the worst 8 sexual affairs from the Bible:


King David and Bathsheba

Probably the most infamous story of adultery in the Bible, King David, home from battle and

walking around on his roof, caught glimpse of a bathing Bathsheba. He called for this wife of

Uriah, a faithful warrior, and had an affair with her. To hide his indiscretion, David orchestrated

Uriah’s murder on the front lines. Although David repented of his sin when confronted by

Nathan the prophet, it was not without consequences. The child born to David and Bathsheba

did not live, and the sword – murder and mayhem – never left David’s household, extending for generations.affairdeck-2-1024x1024

King Herod and His Sister-in-Law Herodias

Herod Antipas, the king, married his brother’s wife, Herodias, prompting John the Baptist to call

the two out on their sin of adultery. This did not sit well with Herodias. One night at a big

birthday party, King Herod’s stepdaughter presented him and his guests with a provocative

dance. Pleased with her performance, drunken King Herod impulsively promised the girl

anything she wanted – up to half his kingdom. After consulting with her mother Herodias, she

asked for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Though grieved, the king complied, unwilling

to go back on his word and suffer disgrace in front of those in attendance. John the Baptist was beheaded.


Adulterous Women Brought Before Jesus

The story of the woman brought before Jesus in adultery is well known. We do not know with

whom she had been caught have a sexual affair, or why charges were not brought against him.

The woman, however, faced being stoned to death, until Jesus intervened. He famously

challenged anyone without sin to cast the first stone — and then he drew something in the sand

– perhaps the sins of her accusers. As the accusers walked away one by one, the woman was left

with the forgiveness of Jesus and His admonishment to go and sin no more.


Solomon, 700 Wives and 300 Concubines

Solomon, King David’s son, started out with a true heart for God – so much so that God offered

him anything he wanted. Solomon wisely chose wisdom, and God granted him wisdom like no

other. But the allures of the flesh got to Solomon. He loved women from the lands of pagan

people. God forbade intermarriage with these people, because he knew they would turn hearts

away from him. Indeed this is what happened in Solomon’s case. He never ended the pagan

worship of his foreign wives and concubines. In the end, his passion for his 700 wives and 300 concubines caused his passion for God to grow cold.


Abraham and Hagar

Wavering in faith and patience regarding the child God promised, Abraham had an adulterous

affair with maidservant Hagar, at the insistence of his barren wife, Sarah. This resulted in the

birth of Ishmael. True to God’s promise, Sarah later conceived and gave birth to Isaac. The result

was competition and infighting in the family to the degree that Abraham sent Hagar away, with

his first-born, into the desert. Ishmael became the father of a competing nation, and the fighting

and bloodshed continues to this day affecting the peace and stability of the entire world.


Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

One destructive adulterous encounter was not actually an affair at all. After living in Egypt as a

slave and gaining status and reputation, Joseph found himself in the house of Potiphar, an

Egyptian officer of the Pharaoh, and in authority over Potiphar’s entire household. While

Potiphar trusted Joseph, Potiphar’s wife lusted after Joseph. Joseph rejected her advances even

fleeing her house while she seized his coat as he was running away. But her burning desire for

Joseph coupled with his rejection of her adulterous advances caused her to lie. She told her

husband Potiphar that Joseph attacked her. In defense of her honor, Potiphar banished Joseph to prison, where he sat for two years until God miraculously granted him freedom.


Hosea and Gomer

God told Hosea to marry a harlot, and Hosea, a prophet of God, obeyed.  After marrying Gomer

and the birth of their three children, Hosea became heartbroken as Gomer proceeded to choose

the life of a harlot over that of a wife and mother. God later told Hosea to go buy Gomer back

from a man to whom she eventually became indentured. Hosea again obeyed, despite his

heartache, giving us a picture of God’s restorative love for his wayward people.  Undoubtedly though, Gomer’s adultery caused Hosea and the children untold heartache.


Jacob, Rachel and Leah

This patriarch worked seven years for the right to marry Rachel. But, in the same way he

deceived his brother, Esau, out of a birthright, Jacob was deceived on his wedding night when

father-in-law Laban gave eldest-daughter Leah in marriage instead of Rachel. Surely, any hope

for a peaceful home was destroyed though this deceit, fueled by a culture of jealously and

favoritism that carried to Jacob’s 12 offspring. Ultimately, murderous jealousy ensued toward

Joseph, Jacob and Rachel’s eldest son, who, having escaped death at the hands of his brothers through the compassion of one, was sold into slavery in Egypt.

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