Kyrie 6 ‘Unite the World’ Release Date. Nike SNKRS

Kyrie 6 'Unite the World' Release Date. Nike SNKRS

Kyrie 6 ‘Unite the World’ Release Date. Nike SNKRS

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The number 11 is everywhere in Kyrie’s life. It’s the number of his and his father’s jersey. There are 11 letters in his name. K is the 11th letter in the alphabet. And at college, Kyrie played in only 11 games. If you dive even deeper, the connections between Kyrie and the number 11 will continue to emerge.

Inspired by his unique bond with the number 11, Kyrie celebrates the cultural creativity of 11 basketball-obsessed cities with exclusive colorways of the Kyrie 6.

Before humanity took over the globe, animals and early man lived harmoniously together with Mother Nature. The Kyrie 6 ‘Unite the World’ recalls those utopian times with vibrant colors and a side lenticular graphic of animals and wildlife from a variety of habitats. The colorway speaks to the human race uniting over a shared love of animals, which will only lead to the betterment of the environment and the world.

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