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Judges Confused When Piano Players Performs With Track, But His Second Song Blows Them Away!

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Talent shows have become an excellent platform for artists to showcase their abilities and achieve their dreams. From as young as three to as old as 90, individuals express themselves through a variety of performances. In shows like “America’s Got Talent”, there is no barrier as to what one can perform as long as one mesmerizes the audience and leaves them asking for more. Over the years we have seen numerous such performances, but few can be compared to nine-year-old Adrian Romoff’s piano solo. Adrian, who is a child prodigy, took up piano when he was about four-years-old and since then there has been no looking back. He played his piece so perfectly that one judge jokingly said it sounded like a soundtrack played in the background. Without any hint of apprehension, Adrian broke into a fresh piece and this time again the crowd just couldn’t hold themselves still. They broke into thunderous applause and when he was done, it left the judges stunned.

Every year, America’s Got Talent hosts hundreds of participants and what follows is a barrage of talents thrown at the crowd. Like every year, this time, too, a nine-year-old took center stage to showcase his skills as a classical musician. But Adrian Romoff was no ordinary nine-year-old. By this age, he already had accomplishments most people don’t achieve in a lifetime. Due to his academic achievements, he had skipped five grades! Adrian, now an eighth-grader, has held three recitals at Carnegie Hall. He came third in the American Protege International Music Talent competition and could play complex music pieces in a matter of seconds.

When his fingers glided over the piano keys, Ellen was left stunned. Her mouth agape, she was at a loss for words. Heidi Klum, on the other hand, was shocked but managed to speak. She said, “Are you exhausted now? I’m exhausted from this.” Adrian had just got off playing “Flight of the Bumblebee” which is extremely fast-paced and difficult. It is, in fact, one of the toughest pieces out there. He was definitely more exhausted than the judges from playing all those perfect notes, but he didn’t seem to mind. He, in fact, managed to put up a smile and say, “Well you’d be even more exhausted if you were doing this”.

And rightly so because it’s not easy playing a tough piece as the “Flight of the Bumblebee” in front of a large audience. That too on a show that is watched by millions across the world. It takes courage and skill to play the way Adrian played.

Adrian’s love for the piano first started when he was barely four years old. He stays in Peachtree City near Atlanta, Georgia with his family. His mother, Olga Romoff, also happens to be his primary teacher. She truly believes that by know Adrian must have surpassed her.

Howard Stern was one of the judges who were in shock of what he just saw. He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. Sure, there many who managed to surprise him but not the way Adrian did. He was so shocked that he jokingly referred Adrian’s piece to a soundtrack. He suggested that perhaps the piece was played by a soundtrack in the background because it was clearly impossible for a child to play something so complex. While many would have taken offense to what he had just said, Adrian, on the other hand, shrugged it off and started playing another piece, much to the excitement of everyone.

He chose Chopin’s “Grande Valse Brillante” in E-flat major as his proof of genuineness. And he played convincingly as his fingers flew across the keyboard. One perfect note followed another in what was clearly another masterpiece. It got the same reaction from the first piece.

Howie was so stupefied, he called Adrian “the future”. He also went on to say how brilliant he was and the way he played every piece with so much emotion. Like it was not only his fingers but his body playing the music. Like magic! He also compared him to Harry Potter and said, “You know what, England has Harry Potter, we have you!”. A wizard indeed!

Needless to say, Adrian got all yeses and sailed through to quarterfinals. Unfortunately, he got eliminated at that stage. Maybe all that classical music was simply too much for the judges. But that hasn’t stopped the child pianist from moving on to greater things in life. In the last three years after the show, he has become a sophomore at Bard’s College at Simon’s Rock in Massachusetts studying computer science and pre-engineering.

Also, just last month he made his debut at Manhattan’s Lincoln Center. Adrian is already going places and in the years to come, he will turn out to be one of the finest musicians of this century. The video of his performance has become a talking point amongst accomplished musicians. If at such a young age, he can achieve the things he has achieved, then there’s no telling what he might do after formal training for the next five years.

Adrian’s feat is testimony that no matter how great you are there will be hurdles but that’s how people become great, by jumping hurdles. Even when there was a fleeting doubt in the Judge’s mind, he went past it like it was no big deal. Adrian’s attitude towards failures is inspiring and it shows the temperament of champions.

The video clearly shows Adrian’s composure during his performance. It is extremely difficult to play notes with precision in front of a large crowd. Mainly because a wrong note gets intensified many folds in a large gathering. Not to mention it hurts the flow and self-esteem of the artist. But Adrian showed how it is done.

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