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Jaw-Dropping Footage Of A Rare 'Sun Halo' Is Leaving The Internet In Awe!

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This stunning video was captured by a skier who was at Vemdalen in Central Sweden. The atmospheric effect in the area enveloped the sun in a corona known as the 22-degree halo. They are wonders that form just as sunlight is refracted through millions little of hexagonal ice crystals that are suspended in the sky.

The footage completely captures the incredible moment of the sight of the rare ring of light that surrounded the sun. Ludvig Lundin, the lucky skier who captured the footage shared it on Facebook, where more than five million people have viewed it. Some people even compared the extraordinary sighting to the appearance of an angel from heaven.

Among the captivated viewers was David D. Sterling, who said, “That looks like an image you would imagine seeing before angels begin forming or first light up in the sky of Jordan on Christmas.” Suffice to say the internet agreed.

Another commenter, Megan Tenaya Birchell added that “These are the kind of things that help you understand people believing in angels.” Another commenter added, “What a sight if you didn’t know anything about it, of COURSE, you’d think it was beyond this world.”

According to EarthSky, the halos are normally a sign of cirrus clouds that are drifting 20 000 feet or four miles overhead.

They are more commonly known as 22-degree halos because of the radius of the ring. Not only can this ring form around the sun, but it can also form around the moon. The clouds that form this miraculous sight are made up of millions of little ice crystals. The halos are caused by refraction, which is a term used to describe the splitting of light, or reflection, the glints of light from the ice crystals.

The crystals have to be positioned in a precise manner in accordance with your eye for the halo to appear. That’s why the halos around the sun or the moon are personal, not unlike rainbows.

Different people see different halos according to their own personal ice crystals, which are also different to the ice crystals of the person that might be standing right next to you. This visual roller coaster is truly legendary. Although these halos can also form around the moon, lunar halos tend to be colorless because the moonlight is not as bright as that of the sun.

If you’re lucky enough to see one of these halos, you may notice that the inner edge of the halo is sharper when compared to the outer edge.

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