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How to Find a Personal Trainer

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Working with a personal trainer requires a lot of time and money. It is better to know who we are dealing with. Here are some tips that will help you find the one that will suit you.
If you need help to achieve your fitness goals – and who can do without? – a personal trainer could help motivate you. However, since the rates for these professionals are relatively high, it is important to find one that will suit you.
What should we look for? “He must have a good track record and many clients willing to testify of his good services; he also loves his job, “said Nathan Bower, Toronto’s personal trainer, adding that you should start with a coach who will recommend friends, family or co-workers.”I think that’s the best way to do things.”
Ask the experts
Sports or fitness shop staff generally knows the coaches in the neighborhood or region. Kirsten Jordan, who runs a blog about her personal experiences in fitness, has found several of the coaches she works with through the Running Room. Moreover, if you are enrolled in a gym, the staff will certainly put you in touch with one of them; most gyms use it. Origym may help you in finding the experts.
Observe it in action
It is always better to see what a coach can do before retaining his services for a series of sessions. If he works at the gym, see how he works with other clients to get an idea of ​​his style. “Good coaches continually correct the shape of their customers and constantly provide feedback,” says Bower.
Kirsten Jordan was lucky enough to work with a coach who taught her gym. “I knew her style and her personality,” she said, “so I immediately felt comfortable talking to her about my personal limits and goals.”
If neither of these two solutions suits you, Nathan Bower advises you to only commit to one or two sessions, to try. “Do not sign a contract until you are convinced that he or she has what it takes to do the job well,” he said, adding that you should trust your intuition. “If you do not get along well at the first meeting, it would be amazing that things would get better two months later.”
Make your investment grow
Not only is the cost of a coach costly, but you also need to invest time and energy. It is therefore important that you make the most of it. Here are some tips to help you:
Determine your long and short term goals “ , recommends Nathan Bower. Keep in mind the reasons that motivated you to retain the coach and strive to reach them.
Try to exercise at least twice a week “ , suggests for its part Teresa Misty Mozejko Durham (Ontario), which received such support from his coach it lost 54 kilos’ she became herself same personal coach. If this is not part of your budget, be sure to train two or three times a week and add cardiovascular exercises to get the best results.
 You could take semi-private sessions,’ recalls Kirsten Jordan. In addition to costing less, training two or three is often more fun.
‘Be honest . “You have to inform your coach of any injuries you may have done in the past,” Nathan Bower explains. Also, do not hesitate to talk to him about the effects of your workout, “and if you have any pain, especially at the joints, tell him.
‘Choose the time that suits you best. Your coach must be free at times when you want to train. “If it’s not available when you can free yourself, it will not work,” says Nate Bower.
 Do not neglect your diet. “To get results, you need to combine good diet and exercise,” recalls Teresa Misty Mozejko. Keep in mind, however, that not all coaches are qualified to provide nutritional advice; if you want to change your diet, you may need to consult another professional.
‘Do not hesitate to change your coach . You are not required to keep the same coach all your life, stresses Kiersten Jordan. “Everyone I trained with had their own way of working and, as a result, brought a new element to my training.”
It’s up to you to decide
Ultimately, choosing a coach is entirely up to you. It is the same as finding the right doctor or hairdresser: it is important to be able to establish a relationship with the person. “I like to be in personal contact with my coach and have the opportunity to do a good job with him or her,” says Molesy Mozejko. There is no harm in changing coaches. “If the customer is not happy,” says Nathan Brower, “the coach will not ask anything better than let him go. It is a very personal matter. “

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