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How important to use curry leaves in food to stop grey hair

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A head full of healthy and shiny hair adds to your attractiveness in a big way and also improves the overall health of your body as well. Unhealthy hair and associated hair fall are among the most common ailments that people tend to experience and are caused by a myriad of reasons. Curry Leaves are among many natural remedies that can be used to reverse the effect of these ailments. They do have great medicinal values due to them being packed with essential nutrients which serve to make the hair healthy, shiny strong and full.
Curry leaves and their medicinal values have been known to people for centuries. Usually used as an ingredient in food, they have also found themselves as an integral part of many hair care products like oils and tonics and also many products related to skincare. They are known to exponentially stimulate the growth of hair on people. They are a great way to avoid hair fall and also make for a very good grey hair treatment.
Curry leaves have a combination of nutrients essential for the growth and maintenance of hair. Being rich in antioxidants and amino acids which serve to reduce hair fall and stimulate the growth of hair in a big way. This can strengthen the hair follicles and prevents the thinning of hair as well. They are also a great source of proteins and beta carotene both of which strengthen and make the hair shiny and healthy. Curry leaves are used as an amazing stimulant for hair growth either through direct application, or through your diet.
What benefits do Curry Leaves offer?
Combats Graying:Curry Leaves along with any kind of hair oil is a great combination so that premature graying can be combated. This works amazingly well so that the hair stays conditioned and nourished. This combination works best to prevent premature graying of the hair.
For Hair Growth: Rejuvenating hair is a very easy task when you involve curry leaves. Making a mask out of curry leaves paste with yogurt makes for a very useful and workable way to apply on your hair to make them grow much better and faster.
Repairing Roots:Hair roots can get damaged for a variety of reasons like pollution, chemicals, dryness etc. Due to an abundance of nutrients essential for hair, they can help in repairing damaged roots, which automatically promotes hair growth itself.
Hair Fall Reduction: Mixing curry leaves with some milk and applying will help a lot in hair fall reduction. The essential nutrients in the leaves will strengthen the hair from root to tip and promote good growth. 
Reinvigorate Hair Follicles: Your follicles play a major role in the maintenance of healthy hair. These follicles do need a lot of nutrients to stay healthy, which curry leaves can provide in abundance and make them healthy. This, in turn will serve to make the hair strong and healthy and shiny.

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