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Her Son Was 'Killed' In A Car Crash, Has A Crazy Story To Tell Her When He Miraculously Wakes Up!

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Heaven is where God dwells and where His people will join Him one day. Those who find salvation in Him will live in His kingdom with the angels and others who have been saved by Him. In God’s kingdom, there will be no suffering and there will be peace everlasting. For most people, the question is not about whether heaven is real or not but rather about how we get there and what it will be like. There are many stories about people having out-of-body experiences, especially during near-death situations, and experiencing being in a different realm. People describe having seen a bright light or hearing a voice beckoning them. Here is a story about a man who clearly saw and visited heaven when he was a young boy lying on a hospital bed so close to death.

Julie Kemp, her husband Andy, and their 8-year old son Landon were driving home from church one Sunday morning, back in 1997, when an ambulance crashed into their car at an intersection, resulting in a terrible accident. Andy died instantly and Landon too, apparently. As emergency responders arrived, they were able to get Julie out of the wreckage and stabilize her. At first, they did not realize that Landon was in the car too because of the damage to the side of the car in which the boy had been sitting. It was only when they saw a child’s shoe that they realized there was a third passenger and began looking for and retrieving Landon’s body from the wreckage. When Landon was found, he was not breathing. They managed to resuscitate him but he died again in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He was resuscitated and brought back to life for the second time that day. Landon was taken to the Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina where the doctors were not very hopeful about Landon’s chances of survival.

After having been resuscitated for the third time, this time at the hospital, he was in a state of coma and doctors doubted he would ever recover from that state. Miraculously, however, after two weeks in a coma, Landon woke up. Even more miraculous was the fact that he suffered absolutely no brain damage. Julie was overwhelmed with joy at getting her son back, but she was also sad because she knew she had to tell her son about his father’s passing. She broached the subject carefully, first asking her son if he knew where his dad was. To her surprise, Landon replied, “I saw him in heaven”. He did not stop there though. He went on to describe two other kids whom he saw in heaven. Julie was shocked because those kids were not unknown to her. Landon was describing the two children who she had lost in miscarriages years before he was even born. Julie and her husband had never shared with Landon about them. Landon said that each time he died he had a different experience and that on the third time he met Jesus who gave him a mission. Jesus told him to go back to the world, be a good Christian and tell others about Him. Landon’s story serves as a source of hope and assurance for all believers who yearn to one day be united with God in heaven above.

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