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Flight Attendant Is Being Followed When She Stays At Hotel… Decides to Do Something Special For Her 'Stalker'

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Dogs are one of God’s best creations. Their loyalty and unconditional love make our day and their funny antics definitely brings a smile to your face. Dogs are smart creatures and it is hard to stay angry at them. Once they form a bond with someone, dogs follow them around everywhere possible, literally like their shadow.

You are their entire world, their human. Here is the story of a stray dog and a flight attendant. Olivia Sievers is a very busy woman. She is a flight attendant and her flight routes take her to several places. Her routes often take her to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she stays at the same hotel always.

Olivia is also a dog lover. During one of her stays at the hotel in Buenos Aires, she happened to notice a stray dog outside the hotel. The dog looked hungry and sad and her heart went out to the dog. She decided to give the dog something to eat.

The dog looked at her with big brown eyes and, needless to say, both of them seemed to like each other a lot. Sievers named the dog Rubio and he began to wait outside the hotel whenever Sievers left. Once Sievers came back to the hotel, Rubio would start wagging his tail and begging for belly rubs from Sievers.

Olivia saw that Rubio was becoming very attached to her and in order to stop him from following her around, she changed her route one day. She tried for one hour but it was useless. Rubio would not leave her side and followed her wherever she went. He was watching her and wanted to go wherever she went.

Olivia realized that Rubio was not going anywhere. She decided to make the best out of the situation and kept feeding him. Once she even brought Rubio an airline blanket to keep him warm. Olivia knew that she could not leave Rubio like this and contacted an animal shelter. They agreed to take Rubio in. But, the smart dog realized that he was being taken away from his precious human and escaped. He went back to Olivia’s hotel and waited outside for her.

Olivia saw that there was no way out and that Rubio would definitely not leave her side. She made a decision and adopted Rubio and took him to Germany, her home country. Rubio didn’t seem to mind the move from Argentina to Germany in the slightest and adjusted very well to life in Germany. All he wanted was to be near Olivia. He quickly became friends with Olivia’s other dog and both of them simply love running around and playing in her yard.

Sievers and her dogs have a lot of fun together. She takes them out to play near a local lake and to play in the snow. Rubio’s favorite past time is looking at fish in the water when they are at the lake. Rubio now enjoys the warmth of Siever’s house and his life has changed drastically from the time he met Sievers.

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Animal enthusiast,

1. Adam named the animals.

2. Noah saved the animals during the flood.

3. God loves animals and gave them to us as gifts!

Please share this story to make your friends smile!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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