Family Activities During the Pandemic Period

The pandemic period is a time when we spend more time as a family than ever before, and this is also a great advantage. As with every period, it is possible to spend this period in the best way possible. Here are the most beautiful and instructive activity ideas that will make children happily remember this time period when all family members are at home, and teach them what to do in uncertain and difficult times…

Games and Fun Activities

  • reading a book together
  • Listening to audiobooks together
  • Researching and drawing your family tree
  • camping at home
  • Planting and growing plants that can be grown indoors
  • Playing treasure hunting at home
  • Build a tent or hut with household materials
  • play name city
  • learn morse code
  • Developing your own alphabet
  • family practice yoga
  • Playing volleyball with a balloon
  • Silent cinema
  • card games
  • learn card numbers
  • Preparing and playing bowling game using household items
  • Drawing a hopscotch area using paper tape
  • hangman
  • hand fry
  • organize a tea party
  • learn sign language
  • Puzzle
  • make your own puzzle
  • making your own sudoku
  • Organizing a knowledge contest


Organizing & Attention Gathering Activities

  • Motivating and helping children rearrange their room
  • Creating a new playground by tidying and cleaning part of the house
  • Organizing toys
  • Gathering and organizing all the coins
  • Organizing cluttered drawers and discovering forgotten items
  • Sorting spices alphabetically
  • Cleaning windows by filling spray bottles with water
  • Match all socks, interweave and have a sock fight
  • Overhauling closets and sorting out small clothes to donate
  • Cleaning, vacuuming and disinfecting the car
  • Collecting and organizing all the cables in the house
  • Making cleaning a game
  • Planning daily menus regularly during the pandemic



  • make a puppet
  • Prepare a special family calendar with all special days and “firsts” (first step, first school day, etc.)
  • Designing homemade musical instruments by researching online and watching videos
  • Experiment with cornstarch and water
  • Drawing family photos
  • Making flags of all countries in the world and designing your own family flag
  • learn origami
  • Separating socks and marking them with the initials of each family member
  • Creating a family playlist on Spotify or YouTube
  • Making toy ships with household materials and floating them in the tub or sink
  • Designing necklaces and bracelets using pasta and pulses
  • Making toys for pets
  • Making a model car, plane or ship
  • Writing and composing poems and songs as a family
  • learn calligraphy
  • Drawing a map of your home
  • Preparing a creative album by printing family photos
  • Redecorating clothing items such as t-shirts or cloth shoes with fabric dye
  • Preparing a family time capsule to open at a later date
  • Creating a background from home fabric and paints for family or solo selfies
  • Making t-shirts and pillowcases with batik technique


Other Events

  • Organizing a silent disco party with headphones
  • organize a dance party
  • Organizing a puppet show with handmade puppets
  • Decorating a large box in the form of a television and using it as a stage
  • Organizing stand-up shows or prank contests
  • Performing the family’s favorite movie or story as a play
  • Organizing a poetry performance
  • Organizing audio fairy tale nights
  • Recording and sharing a radio show/podcast using smartphones
  • Preparing concept menus to try the cuisines of different countries
  • Preparing a special recipe book for the family
  • Trying creative recipes with ingredients found at home

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