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Ease The Pain Of Stubborn Headaches With These 4 Simple Remedies

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When you get a headache, it can really ruin your day. The pain that comes from headaches or migraines can leave you frustrated and unable to complete even the simplest of tasks. While some headaches come and go quickly, others can hang around for hours. Here are some simple and useful tips for getting rid of those annoying headaches as quickly as possible:

Focus on hot and cold

If you have a migraine, you should try placing a cold compress on your head. You can try making a cold pack by wrapping a few ice cubes in a paper towel or just grab bag of frozen peas. Keep the cold pack on your forehead for about 15 minutes, then take a break for 15 minutes.

If you are experiencing a tension headache you can try placing a heating pad on your neck or on the back of your head. If you have a sinus headache, try pressing a warm cloth on the area that hurts. You can also try a warm shower, the heat and steam might also help.

Let your hair down

Having your hair in a tight ponytail may cause you to have a headache in the first place. Other things that can cause headaches are tight headbands, hats or even swimming goggles. Try letting your hair down and see if the release of that tension helps you feel better!

Change the lighting

Bright lights, flickering lights or even the light from your devices can cause migraines. If you’re prone to migraines you should try to cover your windows with blackout curtains during the daytime. Make sure to wear sunglasses indoors and outside to see if it helps ease the pain. You can also add anti-glare screens to your computer monitor and try daylight-spectrum fluorescent bulbs in your home.

Take medication, but do it in moderation

You can find a lot of pain relievers at any local pharmacy. They do work a lot of the time, but there are a few things you should know: Make sure to choose liquid over pills. Your body will absorb liquid a lot faster. Take painkillers as soon as you feel pain. You’ll likely beat it with a smaller dose. Take painkillers right as you start feeling the pain. If you catch it fast enough, you may not need to take as much. Try and avoid drugs that have caffeine or multiple ingredients. These types of medication are likely to cause “rebound” headaches.

Do you know someone who struggles with headaches? Share these tips with them!

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Dear blessed one,

1. Just a few steps on the health pathway can take us far!

2. When we feel good, we can do more to serve God.

3. God has given us many resources to care for ourselves.

Do you know someone who struggles with headaches? Share these tips with them!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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