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Do Not Ignore These Red Flag Signs Of Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer is a lethal disease. It is characterized by malignant cells developing in the organ’s tissues. Catching the early signs  of pancreatic cancer can help your doctor make a diagnosis and begin the treatment.

The pancreas helps to break down food and is a part of the digestive system. Hence, the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer often appear when you experience digestive issues.

Contact your doctor:

– If you suddenly lose your cravings for chocolate or coffee or ice cream or any food item that you love, or you no longer find them tasty. In addition, you feel nauseous every time you look at them.

– If you no longer have any appetite at all. This can lead to you losing too much weight all of a sudden.

– If you get an abnormal diabetes diagnosis. The pancreas produces insulin which helps to regulate the blood sugar. If the pancreas is affected by any reason, it will affect the production of insulin.

– If your hand and feet persistently itch. This may be due to bile buildup.

– If you notice a persistent abdominal pain that usually goes away when you lean forward. Also, if you notice your stools looking pale and clay-colored rather than the usual brown color, bring it to the attention of your doctor.

– If you notice the whites of your eyes turning yellowish in color. It could be because of jaundice (bile buildup in the blood stream).

Make sure if you have any of the symptoms above that you seek a medical professionals help!  We pray for your health and the health of your loved ones!

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