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Life would have been easier when someone say “It is just a prank” when you lose hair during your shower or while brushing and styling. The hair fall is real, many of us have already fallen victim to continuous hair loss. On an average, humans around the world lose 50 to 100 hairs a day and few of those hair get replaced with new ones.
There is nothing happier in this world than a man or woman with a thick head of hair that glimmers with the natural beauty. Typical hair loss caused by various factors such as the environment we live in, constant travel, aging, stress, and many others. There are ways you can avoid the hair fall and get your head back on track with the natural beauty.
Simply put, anything in our body requires at least the minimum amount of protein nutrients. The hair scalp in particular requires certain ingredients keep itself away from scalp infections. Hair Oil Massage, is the first step you have to action to reduce hair loss. The natural ingredients present in the oil when massaged, it reaches to the scalp and increases the blood flow to the hair.
Head oil massage results with cleaning your hair and strengthening its hair roots. The increase in blood flow to the hair follicles eases the stress feelings and eventually reducing it to a minimum scale. The essential oil you can use are the coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, amla oil and others.
Those 15 odd minutes you neglect to use cold water to cleanse your hair is not a good idea considering the weather outside is freezing cold. A typical hair loss treatment advisor will advise you to use the appropriate water. Cleaning the hair regularly is a valid reason you are dedicated to keep yourself and the hair healthy.
You must avoid using hot shower, as it tends to drain your head skin of all its natural oils and ends up in your hair being dry and rough. Considering having the shower with lukewarm water to prevent damaging your hair and skin. Spend not more than 10 minutes to shower your hair, as you extend the time further, it makes the hair become red and itchy.
Having the mentality to clean your hair regularly is advisable but that doesn’t mean you have brush or comb all day. Men and women are equally obsessed with their hair and want it to be as stylish as it can get. Frequently brushing the hair will result in increase in hair fall more than the average number listed above.
This can even set off your mood as witness hair fall lowers once self-esteem. Try to limit how much you usually comb or brush your hair and bring to a minimum level. Consistently using the hair serum helps in keeping the hair smooth and reduces the tangling.
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