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Caretaker Moves In With Elderly Veteran, Ends Up Tricking Him Out Of All He Has

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Veterans have done so much for us, and we ought to show them the utmost respect! Far too many veterans have been neglected and abused as they get older, many even find themselves on the streets with no place left to go. Don Cameron is an 81-year-old US Army veteran who’s recently found himself in an extremely unfortunate situation after putting his trust in the wrong woman.

Don has several health issues, and up until recently the elderly man lived with his wife. However, his wife has Alzheimer’s and has now been placed in a nursing home. He needed to find someone to take care of him, so he found and hired a home health aid named Melissa Miller. But, after Melissa began visiting Don, things began to go sour. Melissa had apparently told the elderly man that her family needed a temporary place to stay. Don felt bad and agreed to help them out. However, what Don wasn’t expecting, though, was that Melissa would move into his house with her husband, six children, and their pets.

But the nightmare didn’t end there. Melissa then convinced Don to give her the power of attorney, something that put her in control of his finances. She and her family began using Don’s credit cards and proceeded to make thousands of dollars in purchases. Meanwhile, all of Don’s bills and utilities were going unpaid and they were piling up as the months passed. To make matters worse, Don suffered a heart attack. When he returned home from the hospital, Don said that the Millers refused to provide care for him any longer and claimed the house was no longer safe for him to be in. After that, they reportedly dropped Don and his two dogs off at another apartment, leaving him without a bed or any food. He was extremely hungry, cold, and exhausted.

It was at this low point that the apartment complex manager reached out to Don’s stepdaughter, Nadine, and explained the situation. He told her all about how Don’s home, cars, and property had been taken from him by the tricky caretaker. “They’ve stripped everything from this man,” Nadine said. “He worked for this his whole life… it’s gone.” The Miller family has reportedly refused to leave Don’s house despite being told to vacate the area several times.

Please pray for Don and that justice would be served in this case!

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1. God’s gift of salvation is free to all who believe.

2. God promises to walk through all our valleys with us.

3. I pray that you and your loved ones are surrounded by his caring spirit today.

Please pray for Don and that justice would be served in this case!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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