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Cannijuanaville, where the grass is always greener. All of us apart of the Cannijuana Friends team have one simple message to all their viewers. During these hectic and radical times the human race can’t forget about the fundamental moral of caring for everyone, not just yourself.  We try to accomplish this goal with a creative and fun Cannabis-themed adult cartoon.

The Cannijuana Friends represent a world of peace, tolerance, and acceptance. They give dimension to a lifestyle that has historically been considered wrong, dangerous, or irresponsible. By cultivating the Cannijuana Friends and surrounding community, Peace420 LLC hopes to provide an entertaining and fully dimensional view of the role that Cannabis can have in a healthy society. However, the Cannijuana Friends and Peace420 LLC also want it to be understood that Cannabis should be used responsibly and with safety in mind, and that the choice about whether to use, or if to use at all, depends on the individual and the laws of the country and state in which they live. Please do not share this page with persons under the age of 21. For more information about Cannabis Legalization in the US visit Norml.org.

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