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Cabbage Soup Diet: Everything You Need to Know about the Diet

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Loosing extra pounds of weight in just few days is something dreamt by almost everyone. Lots of people push themselves to do many kinds of diet to get their ideal weight. One of the diet plans that becomes topic of discussion for everyone now is cabbage soup diet. It is a kind of diet that is widely believed to help people lose weight in relatively short time. So, what kind of diet is it? How effective is the diet? And are there negative effects of it?
What Is Cabbage Soup Actually?
Just like the name suggests, cabbage soup diet is a diet plan that requires its followers to consume cabbage soup every day to lose weight. It is not clear who started to popularize this diet plan but there are many people who apply it since decades ago. Basically, the diet makes cabbage soup as main menu for the diet plan. This kind of food can help you lose weight since it is low calories and carbohydrate. You are still allowed to consume other foods along with this cabbage soup. But you have to be very careful in picking up the foods since not all of them will be suitable with the diet. The most recommended food to eat during this diet program are fruits, vegetables, and skimmed milk. Unlike the other diet plans that usually require the followers to buy diet pills and consume pre – packaged food to help them lose weight, you are suggested to cook your cabbage soup by yourself in this diet plan. Just like the cabbage soup usually made by your grandma, you only need few materials to cook it. All you need to cook the soup are onions, peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrot, mushrooms, bouillon, and of course fresh cabbages. To avoid boredom and give different flavors to your cabbage soup, you can add curry powder, cayenne pepper, mixed herbs, meats, barley, zucchini, asparagus, squash, or the other seasonings in it.
How Does the Diet Work?
So, how can you lose your extra pounds of weight in relatively short time by applying the diet? Well, this is because the cabbage soup you consume during the diet plan is very low fat, calories, and carbohydrate, but high in fiber. So, you will not gain your weight even if you eat the soup in large portion every day. Otherwise, you will lose your weight quickly due to the lack of carbohydrate and calories in the soup. But you are strongly recommended to eat more portions of fruits and vegetables during the cabbage soup diet program to replace the absence of calories and carbohydrate. Cabbage diet soup is often categorized as a strict diet plan so that you have to be careful in applying it. Just keep in mind to not let yourself starving during the diet. You are allowed to eat as much cabbage soup as possible in one day and you don’t need to be worried that you will gain weight because of that. Many people claim that they lose their extra pounds of weight within just few days. Many of them even report that they have lost up to 10 lbs. in just a week because of cabbage soup they consume. It is really fast and very suitable for you who want to lose weight quickly and in short period of time.
The Pros, Cons, and Negative Sides of the Diet
People who agree with the diet program with consuming cabbage soup often argue that the diet is healthy and almost no risk. They believe that cabbage contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C that is good for human body. Moreover, they argue that cabbage also has plenty of fibers that will be good for human digestion. But, just like the other strict diet program, cabbage soup diet plan also has side effects. Experts believe that though people who apply this diet plan could lose weight gain quickly, they actually do not lose fat but water. That is why those who back to normal eating habit after successfully applying the diet plan will soon gain weight again. This kind of diet is indeed suitable for short term purpose, but you are strongly suggested to not apply it for more than two weeks each time. But, if you intend to do it for long period of time, you are suggested to give yourself a break before you start to do the diet again. This is because the limit amount and variations of food you consume make you lack of nutrition. This is not surprising that the diet’s followers often feel weak and experience light headache. To successfully apply this diet program and minimalize the side effect might come along with it, you need to follow certain rules. Just make sure that you drink at least 4 glasses of water every day and consume multivitamin to replace the loss of nutrition. You are suggested to eat much cabbage soup whenever it is possible so you will not be starving because of the diet program. Last but not least, to encourage you accomplish the diet program and prevent boredom, you should apply different recipes for the cabbage soup.
Possible Variation of the Diets
To avoid boredom because of the cabbage soup you consume every day, there are some possible variations of menu you can try. On the first day, you are allowed to consume unlimited fruits. Banana is the only one you must not eat in the day. On the second day, baked potato and raw vegetables can be good choices. You are allowed to consume unlimited vegetables and fruits on the third day, but you have to eliminate bananas and baked potato. Unlimited skimmed milk and 8 bananas are tempting choice you can consume on the fourth day. You may eat 565g of beef and 6 tomatoes for the fifth day menu. On the sixth day of the cabbage soup diet, you may consume beef and unlimited vegetables but no potatoes. Meanwhile, you are allowed to have brown rice and fruit juice with no sugar on the last day of diet.
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