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Bullies Yell at 8-Year-Old Boy & Shove Him …That’s When Furry Hero Jumps into Action!

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Pets are a gift from God, and they have an amazing way of protecting their owners! Sarah Fenton, a mother from England, got her son, Ethan, a new cat after their last one passed away. For Ethan, it was love at first sight when he first laid eyes on the ginger tabby, whose name is Smudge. The two immediately bonded and Fenton said, “he is more of a brother to the boys than a cat.” Smudge soon became an important part of this sweet family!

Ethan and his younger brother, who is 2 years old, went outside to play soccer in the front yard one day when a group of older boys walked up to the brothers and started harassing them. The situation got so intense that one of the bullies started yelling at Ethan and then shoved the poor boy to the ground. Fenton, who was watching out the window, saw all of this happening and rushed outside as soon as she could. But, before she could get there, she noticed a ginger blur run out from under the family car and head straight toward the bullied.

Smudge ran toward them hissing and spitting. The protective cat then leaped toward the bully’s his chest and continued to make hissing noises at him. The Bully became very frightened and ran off with his gang crying. Fenton couldn’t believe what just happened! She was shocked, but grateful, for Smudge’s love and devotion to her son.

“He has never done anything like that before but it was absolutely brilliant seeing him look out for Ethan like that. He has slept outside his bedroom keeping guard ever since it happened. I actually feel so much safer knowing Smudge is around after seeing him defend him like that.”

Smudge has even been nominated for the National Cat of the Year Award through the Cats Protection Charity. Even though he didn’t win,  the nomination itself is a lovely gesture. Watch the video below to learn more about Smudge and Ethan’s sweet bond:

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Dear blessed friend,

1. God loves animals

2. God cares about our joy.

3. He made animals to bring us happiness.

Share this video and inspire others with this amazing animal!

God bless you and your family,
Aaron Tabor, MD

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