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5 Considerable Facts must keep in Mind after the Hair Transplant Procedure

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Kimberly Baker

56 mins ago


The hair transplant procedure is one of the best options to treat hair loss if you are experiencing the baldness in various grades of Norwood class. The hair transplant is a very much considerable decision that needs both pre- and post-operative understanding in order to get the best cosmetic benefits without having any sort of hassle or discomfort. The hair transplant needs to be known as it has the ability to restore your natural hair with all the natural effect of color, length, texture and caliber. Most of the patients have confusions and doubts in order to receive the outcomes as there are many myths that are expanded by the purpose of marketing to decoy patient’s attention. However, it is essential to get aware of the facts and information about the restoration procedure because it is not just mandatory but also gives the original look back with all the aesthetic outcomes. The hair transplant in Delhi is a worthy option in India if you wish to get the best surgery result with the best facilities & care.
The Worthy Points must keep in mind when you have chosen the Hair Transplant Decision:
Head wash with Precaution: It is mandatory to get the proper head wash after the hair transplant procedure that must be continued for the next 10-12 days in order to avoid the formation of scabs and supports the hair follies to grow effectively. The head wash after the hair transplant procedure is done with the instructions of gentle rubbing and with particular motion. The gentle head wash should be recommended for next 10 days continuously after the surgical restoration.
Mandatory to wear Surgical Cap: The hair transplant Surgeon recommends their patients to wear a surgical cap after the restoration procedure for next 2-3 days in order to avoid the dust particle contacts directly to the scalp. These dust particles can inhibit the hair follicle growth with the scab formation and hence it is advisable to wear the cap after the surgery as a protection measure for 2-3 days.
Antibiotics for Healing: There are some needed antibiotics, which is given to the hair transplant patients after the procedure as a post-operative care for minimum 5-6 days. These antibiotics help in a faster healing process and avoid the chances of swelling, numbness and another discomfort if any. The antibiotics should be continued for 5-6 days as your Surgeon suggested.
Shedding after the Transplantation: It is very common to the shedding of hair after the transplantation within 30 days as it is a natural process and sign of the transformation of the hair root, which is transferred from one place to another. So, there is no need to worry because this shedding process is actually for hair shaft and the hair roots remained intact into the scalp and further grow with all the natural effect and normal hair characteristics. Shedding after the restoration procedure is very common and takes it very easy as the new hair grows naturally from the same point of implantation and takes their natural time to grow like normal hair.
Full Hair Growth within a Year: The transplanted hair initiated their growth within 3 months and after a year attains the full growth. So, transplanted hair takes the natural time to achieve the full growth with a head full of hair and there you should keep patience to see the result of the hair transplant procedure.
On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant must be taken from the expert Surgeon in order to get the best results and the facts and myths should be cleared before the procedure. The information related to the procedure is needed not only before taking the surgery, but some post-procedure aspect should also be kept in mind while going to receive the hair restoration.


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